Transferred to Bing Shan City tax bureau to cultivate compound cadres at the grass-roots level

2022-05-26 0 By

It is the requirement of the Party and the government to train cadres to be versatile. For a long time, Diaobingshan Tax Bureau has been exploring the training method of young cadres, striving to forge compound tax talents who can “collect and manage, publicize and inspect”, so as to improve the quality of tax collection and management.At the end of 2021, Diao Bingshan Tax Bureau organized the selection and appointment of middle-level cadres, and many newly promoted young tax officials were transferred to new positions completely different from the original ones, either from “internal work” to “front work”, or from “tax administration” to “administration”. So far,Diaobingshan Tax Bureau’s forging project of training single cadres to compound cadres is in full swing, and many young tax cadres have begun their training process from “expert face” to “versatile hand”.It is understood that the grass-roots tax department post setting, divided into responsible for comprehensive text back office, tax collection and administration of former job, party construction personnel administrative posts, fords the tax policy of tax as well as logistics and other job, different positions on different business skills, stick to the same position for a long time, although can become a “hand”, but the promotion space narrow, cadres of liquidity is low,It is difficult to stimulate the enthusiasm of cadre work and the passion of competition, and the newly promoted middle-level cadre change post to hold a post, broaden the cadre growth route, for the young cadre to become “versatile” to provide exercise opportunity.According to statistics, a total of 2021 adjustable pawn mountain city revenue so as to promote middle-level cadres GuJi 17 people, position adjustment of 14 people, including 21 people changed jobs between back office and former frequently, accounted for 67%, at the same time, also adjust for more than ten years after the 90 general cadres to the new job, as a general cadre of inter-disciplinary talent reserve force, after post practice of temper,In the near future, the bureau will have more than half of the 80 after 90 after the tax cadres grow into a line of work “versatile” transferred to Bing Shan City tax Bureau Party secretary, director said when talking about the future grassroots cadres system:Young cadres go to the front line, excellent backbone from the grass-roots, for grass-roots tax cadres, master the process of different posts, rules and regulations is the necessary task of their own growth.In order to better broaden the promotion space of cadres, promote the mobility of cadres, and stimulate the enthusiasm of cadres at the same time, we should be familiar with the main points of work of each post.When the new civil servants rotation exercise, middle-level cadres compound training and optimization of the cadre age gradient three effective cooperation, will achieve the “selection of good generals, there are backbone” pleasing situation, truly realize the virtuous cycle of the cadre system.(Reporter Zhao Zengyu, editor Xiang Xue, Huashang Daily)