Unceremoniously, your city is like you!

2022-05-26 0 By

You how your city and how is our life in the city where you stood you what I say embodies the urban civilization degree of each of us is the city’s “brand” you how your city and how if you volunteer your cities will warm love you donate every dime you offer every time you blood every civilization practice taking part in voluntary activities will bring it to our cityWarm as long as everyone give a little love our city will be a better man if you are honest and trustworthy you city man honest, narain valueless of hypocrisy, as words are worthless the good faith management, fair trade honesty is on guard city honor if you civilization polite your city is the city of etiquette well-spoken, civilization of coarse words,Civilization far car seats, comity zebra crossing civilization and polite, civilization with you if you low carbon environmental protection your city clean and tidy in mind garbage sorting, good care environment to improve environmental protection consciousness, low carbon travel cigarette does not fall to the ground, the city is more beautiful if you CD action your city and thrift guileless refused to feast “left”, advocating “CD” advocates the small dish and half a dish for on-demand order,Eat package is do not waste the rest of the meal, spoiling is sweat save food, if you build a national food safety barriers of your civilization city orderly car to let a person, who obey rules obey the traffic rules don’t through a red light vehicles parked, orderly not fire prevention channel traffic civilization, green travel if you filial piety the old love to kiss your city then Dan honest civilized family to respect first,The happy Family unfavourably acts unfavourably For the poor. My parents grew up with me; I accompanied them unfavourably for their old age