A “real combat” drill was held at the Awards Square in Beijing

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A “real combat” drill was held at the Awarding Square of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games yesterday, which focused on the sound and light coordination, the setting of athletes’ walking lines and the flag-raising ceremony.The whole exercise went smoothly.Awards Plaza in Beijing.The awards plaza is a cultural feature of the Winter Olympics.After the End of the Winter Olympic Games, usually in the stadium first held a ceremony to award souvenirs, and then came to the award square for the athletes to hold a formal award ceremony, before the award ceremony will also carry out cultural performances and other display activities.At 3 o ‘clock yesterday afternoon, Beijing awards square drill officially began.After the preparation of materials in the background, the athletes’ podium, the platform for placing MEDALS and flowers was set up smoothly. The awarding exercise began, and the athletes simulated by volunteers walked slowly to the awarding platform under the guidance of the etiquette staff.Before awarding the MEDALS, the highlight moment videos of the first, second and third runners-up will be played on the big screen. Then, under the coordination of live broadcasting, music and lighting, the athletes will come on stage to receive the MEDALS in turn, and then take photos on the award platform.After walking off the podium, the first, second and third runners-up need to take a group photo at three points on the left and right of the stage under the guidance of the etiquette personnel, fully meeting the requirements of each Angle of photography.After the award ceremony rehearsal, the scene of the big screen also broadcast the scene of the Zhangjiakou competition area awards square.It is reported that during the Beijing Winter Olympics, the awarding ceremony in Beijing and Zhangjiakou awards Square will be arranged at the same time, the two areas of the award ceremony in turn, and Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) live broadcast worldwide.Yesterday afternoon a total of two rounds of award ceremony drill.According to Jia Ruoyi, media operation manager of The Beijing Awards Square, the award ceremony will be rehearsed every day for the winter Olympics.After a short rest after the afternoon exercise, the dreamlike lights of the Awards Square in Beijing turned on as night fell.Before the evening exercise, a light show and artistic performance were held in the awards square, which made the atmosphere very warm.Source: Beijing Evening News reporter Deng Fangjia zhao Xiaosong Process editor: U022