Axel Vervoordt | Traces of elapses and the aesthetics of imperfect or imperfect wabi-sabi

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We believe that home is the personalized expression of your soul.Your home is the manifestation of your ideal lifestyle, revealing your tastes, opinions and relationship to the world.For Boris Vervoordt, the cultural influence of his family became valuable nutrients in his personal growth. Under the influence of his father, Axel Vervoordt (master of wabi-sabi), he was introduced to the aesthetics of wabi-sabi and the spirit of Zen.Begin to learn how to appreciate the raw beauty of things and the imperfections or imperfection of things.Boris Vervoordt’s home is located in the center of Antwerp, Belgium. It is transformed from an old warehouse in the 16th century. The whole house has a strong atmosphere of wabi-sabi, which sends out the charming scenery and charm of the past.His personal aesthetic taste and contemporary art together, presenting a unique flavor of the home style.Boris Vervoordt: “Like my father, I am fascinated by the charm of old buildings.”In order to awaken the unadorned elegance of wabi-sabi aesthetics, the whole house retains the traces of history and time, which are unconcealed in the mottled walls and ancient but rich furniture.Boris Vervoordt believes that the home is a personal art gallery, which can be used to collect and display his favorite objects and works of art, and this also gives him unique design inspiration and inspiration.From construction materials, furniture, ceramics, sculptures, art paintings and even structural chimneys, everything is unique, making Boris Vervoordt’s house feel like an art palace.And collection of full of beautiful things in eyes however with courteous and docile expression posture, give a person a kind of gentle and composed feeling from beginning to end.This also fits Boris Vervoordt’s best interpretation of wabi-sabi aesthetics and Zen spirit.