During the Spring Festival, they stick to the family reunion at the border is their biggest wish

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When the Spring Festival comes, when people are immersed in the thick flavor of the New Year, Yunnan Dehong border management detachment zhongshan border police station of the auxiliary police, but still in the border line stick, with practical action interpretation for the border clanged oath.Shan is located in the nu river in the west bank of the dehong dai and jingpo autonomous prefecture in southeast lum, zhongshan border police station people auxiliary police are stationed here, for the 31.08 kilometers long border, the jurisdiction area of 278 square kilometers of border security and public order control tasks, guarded the five village committee 46 villager groups, a total of more than 12000 people in the public security management tasks.”This section of road is slippery, everyone must pay attention to safety!”Patrol on the road, lead instructor Tang Zhihong remind patrol members said.Long rooted in the frontier line, he was familiar with the situation in the mission area, so he walked in front of the team.The road was muddy, patrol members linked hands, most of the area high mountains, dense forest, cliffs.It takes at least a day at a time to patrol the border, which is complicated by the rainy season.It was winter, there was less rain, and the patrol was much better.”In order to ensure the security and stability of the border areas during the festival, we have to go to important places and points every time we patrol. Sometimes we have no time to go back for dinner, so we just sit on the roadside eating steamed buns with pickles.”Tang zhihong said that their posts in the border, reunion is their biggest wish.When the Spring Festival comes, the auxiliary police call their families and always make a quick phone call.Yao Zixuan, a post-90s hubei policeman who just joined the police force, said: “Although I can’t accompany my parents, I am satisfied to call them to wish them a happy New Year.””My motherland and I, can not be separated for a moment, wherever I go, I leave a song of praise, I sing of every mountain, I sing of every river…”On the way to patrol, I do not know who started, the civilian auxiliary police sang “ME and my motherland”, impassioned patriotic melody, echoed in the border line for a long time.Yunnan net reporter Xia Fanghai correspondent Zhou Guo photography report