During the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games, buses and subways around the National Stadium will be adjusted

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The reporter learns from the Beijing municipal committee, bus, subway department according to the Beijing municipal public security bureau of Beijing 2022 Olympics opening ceremony take traffic control during the period of notice “requirement, Feb. 4 (Friday, annual 4), the first train to the national stadium in succession surrounding related bus lines and subway station in operation adjustment.Please arrange the travel time and route in advance, avoid the activity area as much as possible, wrong peak travel.The transportation department will take flexible dispatching measures in time according to the traffic control situation, increase the surrounding transport capacity guarantee, ensure sufficient transport capacity, and minimize the impact of traffic control on public transport travel.Beijing Bus Group, Beijing Metro Operation Corporation, Beijing-Hong Kong Metro Corporation and The Municipal Rail Operation Management Corporation respectively issued a notice saying that during the opening ceremony on February 4,Relevant bus lines and subway stations will be adjusted according to the requirements of the Beijing Public Security Bureau’s “Notice on Traffic Control during the Opening Ceremony of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games”, and citizens are requested to make reasonable travel arrangements.In terms of ground buses, from the first bus on February 4 to the end of the activity (the specific time is subject to the end time of traffic control on site), 57 routes will adjust their operation arrangements, including 4 stops, 20 sections and 33 detour stations.Beichen East Road (Photo source:In terms of rail transportation, starting from February 4, the first bus will be used for 5 subway lines, including Line 2, Line 5, Line 8, Line 10 and Line 15, and some subway stations, including Olympic Sports Center Station, Olympic Park Station and South Gate of Forest Park station, will be closed and closed.There are no outages in the city’s rail transit network.On February 4th, the first bus will run until the end of the activity (the specific time is subject to the end time of the traffic control on site). 57 bus lines in the city will adjust the operation arrangement.No. 82 (Qianmen – east of the National Stadium), No. 419 (Ganluyuan North – east of the National Stadium), No. 538 (Sunhe bus station – east of the National Stadium) and other lines have been detoured and abandoned since the first bus. Please plan your travel routes in advance to avoid delays.The public transportation department has developed a transportation guarantee scheme, which monitors the departure interval and full load of trains through information systems such as VEHICLE GPS positioning, images and videos, and meanwhile strengthens on-site organization to ensure the order of line operation.According to the situation that some subway stations are closed, the relevant lines will take measures such as increasing the number of trains and providing motor vehicles to ensure passengers travel.On the opening ceremony day on February 4, the entire rail transit network operated normally with no suspended lines except some subway stations.The Olympic Center station of Line 8, The Olympic Park Station, the South Gate of the Forest Park station and the Olympic Park station of Line 15 around the National Stadium were closed all day on February 4.There will be no interchange between Line 8 and Line 15 at Olympic Park station.From 18:00 on February 4 to the last train, the sealing measures will be taken at the exit A and D of Huixin West Street Nankou Station and the exit C of Jiandamen Station;Huixin West Street Beikou station, Anzhenmen station, Anli Road station, Beicheng station closed station.Transfers between Line 8 and line 10 will be suspended at Beitucheng Station.From 18:00 to 23:00 on February 4, gulou Dajie station, Anhua Bridge Station and Andeli North Street station will be closed.Transfers between Line 2 and Line 8 will be stopped at Gulou Dajie station.Rail transit operating companies will formulate emergency plans to reserve transport capacity and maximize the guarantee of citizens’ travel.Source: Beijing Municipal Commission of Transportation