HP game family of five new 12 generation Core plus upgrade experience

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On February 16th, HP held a conference under the theme “Play inside,OMEN OMEN OMEN OMEN OMEN OMEN OMEN OMEN OMEN OMEN OMEN OMEN OMEN OMEN OMEN OMEN OMEN OMEN OMENAnd simultaneously open online pre-sale.HP’s new products are all equipped with Intel 12 generation Core processors and NVIDIA RTX 30 series graphics cards, with comprehensive performance improvements, even in the face of high quality, light chasing and other challenges, but also to provide a more enjoyable gaming experience.”In recent years, the game industry has become a hot topic, and gamers’ enthusiasm has never been higher.Gaming has become not only a way of life, but also something that resonates emotionally with many gamers.”Mr. Fan Zijun, Vice President of China HP Co., LTD and General manager of HP China Consumer Products Division, said, “HP has always been close to its players, listening to their voices, and committed to creating a great gaming experience for them.”HP is committed to innovating its portfolio of products and ecosystem services so that people can enjoy gaming and life.”The OMEN OMEN 8 Plus and OMEN OMEN 8 Plus games are available up to 12 Generation Core I7-12700H, with HP reporting performance improvements of nearly 40% and game speeds of nearly 28% over the previous generation.In terms of graphics cards, the two new products can support independent display and direct connection. Among them, Shadow Spirit 8 can carry UP to RTX 3070Ti notebook GPU with 115W performance release.The Shadow Sprite 8 Plus is an optional RTX 3080Ti laptop GPU with 175W performance release.In addition, the Shadow Spirit 8 Plus also features NVIDIA dynamic acceleration technology that can intelligently control the power distribution of the processor and graphics card.Shadow Sprite 8 and Shadow Sprite 8 Plus have 16.1-inch and 17.3-inch screens with 144Hz full HD esports and support 100%sRGB, DC dimming and TUV+Eyesafe low Blu-ray authentication.In terms of heat dissipation, the two new products are equipped with high-density fan blades, double fans, four heat pipes, two catty three five air channels design, shadow Spirit 8 Plus is equipped with 204 high-density heat dissipation fins, the fuselage ventilation significantly increased.The heat dissipation module can not only ensure the heat dissipation effect, but also effectively reduce the noise generated by the high-speed rotation of the fan, so as to achieve the balance of high power consumption performance release and comfortable use experience.The latest upgrades include The BANG & OLUFSEN sound system, DTS:X Ultra dual sound and HP Audio Boost 2.0 technology, providing a pure audio-visual experience for players to truly identify their position.Both new models come with Intel AX211 Wi-Fi 6E wireless cards as standard for higher bandwidth and lower latency.The product is also equipped with SD card reader slot, Mini DP, HDMI video outlet, multiple USB-As, headset microphone and multi-function Type-C interface supporting 100W PD charging.OMEN Genie Desktop PC with 12 Generation Core I7-12700F and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070With Kingston FURYTM XMP overced-armored memory, a PCIE4.0 Western Digital SSD with a reading speed of up to 6.4GB /s and a cool-cool 80Plus gold modular power supply.In terms of heat dissipation, the new 120mm front fan is added, and its new air channel design is combined with tower air cooling of double heat pipes. Compared with the downward pressure air cooling, the processor temperature can be reduced by 13 degrees, and the operating noise can be reduced by 2dB.Not only that, fully optimized product appearance with front and side glass panel design, can create a more cool e-sports atmosphere.Advanced players can also remove the side plate to replace internal accessories according to their needs, easy disassembly is not a problem.VICTUS 8 comes with A 16.1-inch 144Hz esports screen. It also supports three modes of quiet, balance and frenzy. It provides USB A, USB C, HDMI, RJ45 network cable and SD card slot.In terms of configuration, it supports up to 12 generations of Core I7-12700H, 16GB DDR5 memory and 512GB PCIe 4.0 SSD, which can easily cope with all kinds of mainstream games and large video clip software, as well as entertainment and content creation.On the graphics side, the Shadow Sprite 8 is powered by an RTX 3060 laptop GPU that delivers up to 95W of performance release in berserk mode.Light Spirit 8 comes with Intel AX211 Wi-Fi 6E wireless card, which can greatly improve game loading speed and reduce lag.The new device features a large Click Pad that allows players to easily reposition their characters or use everyday entertainment apps without being restricted by a narrow touch area.Light Spirit 8 battery capacity has also been increased to 70WHR for longer battery life and extended entertainment radius.HP VICTUS desktop has been refreshed and upgraded, with an adjustable multi-color RGB light effect on the body LOGO, combined with breathing, flashing and fixed display effects, allowing players to create a unique and personal gaming atmosphere.The new product is equipped with 12 generation Core I7-12700F and RTX 3060Ti, which greatly improves the loading speed of large games and creative applications.HP’s 8th-generation gaming family not only has a significant hardware upgrade, but also a software refresh to help players further equip their gaming devices with performance and demonstrate a personalized gaming attitude.In the new OMEN Gaming Hub, you can adjust your device’s performance mode freely and customize the dynamic fan curve to meet the performance requirements of a variety of Gaming scenarios.Its intelligent step-down function can effectively reduce processor heating, bring more excellent energy consumption ratio and achieve long-term battery life under the premise of ensuring performance.The new game acceleration function, by optimizing the processor and memory scheduling, allows players to complete the game acceleration and start with one click.In addition, the OMEN OMEN 8 and OMEN 8 Plus Premium edition features the Ability to customize dynamic keyboard lights through Light Studio, and create and connect the OMEN family of peripherals to create your own atmosphere and play space.OMEN OMEN 8 Game: Suggested retail price from 6,799 yuan, 0:00 On February 17 officially launched on JINGdong.OMEN OMEN 8 Plus Game: Suggested retail price from 9999 yuan, 0:00 February 17th jingdong official release.OMEN OMEN Game Desktop PC: From RMB9,299 suggested retail price, officially available on JINGdong after March 10.HP VICTUS Shadow Spirit 8 game book: suggested retail price from 6,799 yuan, on February 17 midnight tmall/Suning official release.HP VICTUS desktop: The suggested retail price starts from 5,299 yuan, officially available on JD.com.