Lanzhou Fucai strengthened epidemic prevention and control work in the office area

2022-05-27 0 By

In order to do a good job in the city’s blessing lottery epidemic prevention and control work, Lanzhou City Blessing lottery Center actively implement the spirit of the higher level documents, in the normal implementation of various epidemic prevention measures at the same time, multiple measures actively carry out the epidemic prevention and control of the blessing lottery sales work, effectively ensure the city’s blessing lottery market safe operation, healthy development.According to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, Lanzhou Fucai has done a solid job in the elimination of office areas, regularly spraying disinfection every day, increasing the number of disinfection on door handles, toilets and other frequently used places;Staff resolutely carry out the prevention and control measures, such as scanning codes, measuring temperatures, wearing masks, washing hands frequently and gathering fewer people, to maintain indoor ventilation and hygiene, and effectively protect themselves;The center strictly implements the on-duty system, and manages the personnel entering and leaving the unit in the way of “mask + bright code + temperature measurement + registration”, requiring them to leave quickly after completing all kinds of affairs.The center also used the wechat public account and wechat Working Group to strengthen publicity and guidance, real-time forwarding and broadcasting of epidemic prevention and control information, advocating good habits such as washing hands frequently, wearing masks, and one-meter noodles, and keeping away from the requirements of gathering together, to continuously strengthen the awareness of scientific protection of cadres and employees.Lanzhou Fortune Lottery will continue to tighten the responsibility of the work, strengthen the management and inspection supervision of betting stations, ensure that all epidemic prevention and control measures are implemented in place, build a solid defense line of epidemic prevention and control in the city’s fortune lottery system, and effectively protect the health and safety of lottery buyers and employees.