Short-term weather forecast of Shangqiu city at 16:00 on February 18, 2022

2022-05-27 0 By

Tonight: light snow will stop turning cloudy, tomorrow day: cloudy to sunny;Fog in some areas tonight and tomorrow morning;Northward force 3;Minimum temperature: -3 ~ -2℃, maximum temperature: 4~5℃;Tomorrow night to 20th Day: sunny, cloudy;Northerly wind to southwest wind level 2~3;Minimum temperature: -6 ~ -5℃, maximum temperature: 6~7℃;The night after tomorrow to the 21st day: sunny and cloudy;Southwest force 2~3;Minimum temperature: -4 ~ -3℃, maximum temperature: 9~10℃.Shangqiu: light snow will stop turning cloudy tonight, cloudy to sunny tomorrow during the day;Fog in some areas overnight to tomorrow morning, -3/4;People is right:…, – 3/4;Have no opinion of county:…, – 3/4;Ning ling:…, – 3/4;Zhe city:…, – 3/5;Danger: city…, – 3/5;Summer city:…, – 2/5;City: forever…- 2/5.Forecaster: Number 571