The truck caught fire on its way and firefighters responded

2022-05-27 0 By

At 8:50 on March 27, a truck spontaneous combustion accident occurred on national Road 304 in Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia, malaqin Street fire station 8 fire and rescue workers put out the fire in 45 minutes, causing no casualties.Fire rescue personnel arrived at the scene to see that the front part of a blue truck has been engulfed by fire, at this time the truck driver has fled from the cab, at this time the cab and the carriage of plastic products, tires have burned, fire rescue personnel immediately out of a water gun for rescue, 45 minutes after the fire was completely extinguished.According to the driver, the car from Kulun, preparing to go to Tongliao, driving on the road found smoke pouring out of the cab and carriage, so stopped to put out the fire, but failed to prevent the spread of the fire, passers-by found the alarm.