What are the application methods of organic fertilizer

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Organic fertilizer can not only provide comprehensive nutrition for crops, but also have long fertilizer effect, which can increase and renew soil organic matter, promote microbial reproduction and improve soil.What does the application method of organic fertilizer have?A, used as a base fertilizer organic fertilizer nutrient release slow, long fertilizer effect, the most suitable for base fertilizer application, can be added at the same time, generally called “bottom fertilizer”.When tilling the ground before planting, the organic fertilizer is spread to the surface, and the fertilizer is ploughed into the soil as it is tilled.This method of fertilization is suitable for planting dense crops, simple and labor-saving, and the fertilizer application is uniform.Note: this method of fertilizer application amount is more, crop roots can not reach the place fertilizer will be lost;Moreover, phosphorus and potassium in organic fertilizer are rich, and excessive fertilization is easy to cause nutrient imbalance in the whole plot.The main purpose of topdressing is to supplement the lack of nutrients of base fertilizer and meet the nutritional needs of plants during the growing period. Topdressing is carried out according to different fertilizer needs.Sheep manure organic manure good organic fertilizer contains a lot of available nutrients, can also be used for topdressing, topdressing can be used by hole or ditch.Organic fertilizer must be fully decomposed in advance, and then applied into the hole, can effectively prevent crop roots from being burned by fertilizer.Application of fertilizer is the application of fertilizer near the seed during sowing or transplanting to provide nutrients for the initial growth of the plant.Seed fertilizer is applied with the seeds in the planting ditch, close to the seeds.Planting fertilizer with less fertilizer, but also conducive to strong seedlings, early growth, but also can make up for the deficiency of seed endosperm storage.It is better to use organic fertilizer for seedling