Always being influenced by others and not being able to follow your heart?Then you need to know that

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Everyone has to make all kinds of decisions in life, from choosing a career and getting married to going out and shopping.Humans are social animals, surrounded by family, relatives, friends and colleagues.As a result, when you make decisions, you will inevitably be influenced by the people around you.This is where Wedge’s Law comes into play.Even if you already have an opinion, it’s hard to stay firm when 10 friends disagree with you, says Evie Wedge of the University of California, Los Angeles.This phenomenon is known as the Wedge theorem.Take life as an example. When a group of people are climbing a mountain, they suddenly come to a fork in the road.There are two paths. You want to go left, but everyone else wants to go right. Will you take a firm opinion or follow the crowd?When there is a heated debate about something, do you take a clear and clear view of it, or do you agree with others?Do you still believe you’re right when everyone around you is questioning one of your decisions?Case: During The Three Kingdoms Period, Cao Cao lived in the central Plains in the north and attempted to annex jiangnan.The court and the opposition of Eastern Wu were in disarray. The ministers were divided into two factions.Zhou Yu led a young army faction, the main tension against cao cao.What decisions do you make?At this critical moment, Sun Quan listened to zhou Yu and others.Determined to fight with Cao Cao to the end of the faith, and on the spot pulled out his sword, cut off a corner of the desk, firmly said: “solitary intention has been decided, and the promise of surrender, such as!”Therefore, under the leadership of the British, the Soldiers of The Eastern Wu war.Then came the brilliant battle of Red Cliff, which sent millions of Cao’s troops “crashing across the wall”. The arrogant Cao Cao was defeated by Huarong.History cannot be overturned, but we can assume.If Sun Quan had no ideas of his own and did not know the morale and military strength of soochow, he would have been at a loss at the cabinet meeting.Or blindly follow the crowd and offer the land for peace;Or take the high road.If Zhou Yu and others were also opposed to a vigorous battle, but cao Cao persisted in fighting to the death regardless of the actual situation, cao Cao would surely have one million troops across the river, and Sun Quan would surely have lost his country and his family.1. It is very important for a person to have his own mind.The life of a person who has no ideas will only drift with the flow.Do what others say, and eventually lose track of who you are and what you want.2. First, make sure your opinions are based on an accurate grasp of objective circumstances.Being opinionated does not mean being obstinate and headstrong.Your opinions should not be based on vague intuitions or guesswork, but on firm choices based on realistic considerations.For other people’s opinions, do not listen to when there should be no prejudice, both after listening to not independent.What do you mean? You can’t prejudge other people’s opinions.But don’t take other people’s opinions as the golden rule, have your own ideas.Finally, make a final decision based on your own ideas and the opinions of others.Not afraid to start opinions, afraid of the final no agreement, each said each theory, each speak the classics.The so-called plan in the masses, the decision in the alone.It means that people can say what they want when they’re talking about what to do.However, when making decisions, leaders need to grasp their own, to have their own independent cognition.-END- Have trouble, want to talk about.Look for Herod.