Binhai New Area Cultural Center held an exhibition of Bincheng Intangible Cultural Heritage Art works

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On January 22, binhai New Area Cultural Center held “Fight epidemic with ‘Art’ — Bincheng Intangible Cultural Heritage Art Exhibition”. Through online exhibition, more than 20 pieces of dough sculpture works by Wang Yongyan, the fourth generation inheriter of Wang Craft, a representative project of Tianjin municipal intangible cultural heritage, and his disciples were displayed.These dough figurines are based on real stories. Wang yongyan and her disciples used dough figurines to recreate moving scenes and sing the praises of heroic role models and touching stories that emerged in the process of epidemic prevention and control.I have been deeply moved and inspired by the touching stories of medical workers, cadres, community workers and volunteers on the front lines of the fight against the epidemic.””I volunteered at the scene from ‘One Screen’ to ‘four screens’,” Wang told reporters. “Seeing so many’ rebels’ risking their own safety, I decided to pay tribute to them in the way I am best at.”In this way, more than 20 dough figurines such as “Tianjin Big Sieve, One and Many” were created.Reporter noticed that many of these works are from the hand of the children, “they are different ages, sometimes a little bit, did half a year, some learned a year two years, learned a long time, but the children of your works into the feelings and understanding, at the same time of production, can learn spirit of disease resistance, disease resistance character.”Wang Yongyan said.The reporter learned that since the outbreak of COVID-19 in Tianjin, all the staff and officials of the Cultural Center of Binhai New Area have participated in the prevention and control of COVID-19 in Tianjin while carrying out various cultural activities. Meanwhile, they have organized non-genetic inheritents to create works carefully to show the moving moments of people standing united and racing against the virus.Describe the front-line medical staff, volunteers, sinking community party cadres hard day and night vivid picture.”The creation of this anti-epidemic themed dough sculpture works promotes bincheng’s traditional culture, gathers strength, boosts morale, and makes bincheng’s non-hereditary inheritors practice and sublimate while carrying forward and inheriting intangible heritage skills.Binhai New Area Cultural Center will launch some excellent works in the form of online exhibition, with ‘art’ to fight the epidemic, Tianjin will win!”Said Tian Baorong, head of binhai New Area Cultural Center.(Photos provided by interviewees and Binhai New Area Cultural Center) The following are part of the exhibits of “Fight the epidemic with ‘Art’ — Bincheng Intangible Cultural Heritage Art Exhibition”. Come on, China, Wang Yongyan, a Lot, Wang Yongyan, The most beautiful back view of Wang Yongyan, Wang Yongyan, Safety protection is very importantChina’s liu Zilin, 11, from the start of the fight against the virus, Zhao Yuehan, 12, xu Jinming, 11, five years old, tianjin will win the battle against the virus, From the year 2000, And from the year 2000, Ge Zixiao, 8 years old