Good night, half wind and rain, half cold, a cup of liquor respect fleeting time

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Sober-minded, aware of interest, gain and loss, know advance and retreat.All the pain of man is, in essence, anger at his own incompetence.And self-discipline is the fundamental way to solve the pain of life.Don’t be hot and cold to me all the time. I’m afraid OF catching a cold.Life is like playing Super Mario Bros., when you don’t eat mushrooms to grow, even a little bastard can kill you in seconds.I have been a person to go, the wind came I walk slowly, the rain came I walk aside, thunder I cover my ears, I walked for a long time.Our fear of age, in fact, is not age, the growth of old, but the fear that as we grow older, we still have nothing.Life should know how to flow down, rather lose things and people, do not have to be stubborn in the heart.The right choice and trade-off, is a life lesson, to read the real yourself, control their own life, don’t let the heart lost.Love is not complicated, come and go but three words, not I love you, I hate you, is forget it, how are you, I’m sorry.Life was nothing, only birth and death, and the middle are you to force the part.The world is not cold, but before the world love you, please be good to yourself.Half wind and rain, half cold, a cup of liquor respect fleeting, looking back on the past half life, seven points sour three points sweet.Busy is just a temporary consumable, and hold up your life is the whole loneliness.I can’t grasp the beauty of the world, can only pretend that everything is going well, if you can’t see it again, I wish you good morning, good afternoon, good night.