Huimin Middle School Hohhot third grade parents and students joint meeting

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“When I was your age, I spent some time alone, away from people, wondering what I should do with my life.”(Wu Linglan in the movie “No Questions about the West”) Faced with such a question, will the students of grade three have the same confusion and thinking about life when they come to the bifurcation of their learning career?On April 1, 2022, the outbreak of frayed, the teachers and students of senior three classes on this day, on the eve of the grade teachers and students are coming back to school, Hohhot Zhang Wei hui middle school principal and hui person middle school third grade students, teachers, parents held a joint conference online, and do the theme of “green pond means” long lecture.In his lecture, Principal Zhang shared his understanding of life and the future, explaining the significance of “youth” and “learning” for young people.Like a lighthouse also like light, guiding the direction of youth struggle and growth.To experience life, to understand life, to manage life what is “life”?Uncle Wei said, from the day of birth, life has its beginning.”Living”, can be understood as “life”, “life” is to experience life, understand life, life management.He also recalled his ordinary and ordinary junior high school life, but at the same time, he also hoped that students can have a happy life.The stirring slogan “See me, see the light, see the future” was once again raised.When interpreting such grand concepts as “life” and “future” to junior three students, Uncle Wei divided them into “youth” and “learning”.Youth struggle, while youth youth, how to understand?”Youth should be the vigor of maturity.”Youth, there are a lot of characteristics, however, the most should be emphasized youth hot word, is “struggle”!Struggle for the ideal, struggle for Thanksgiving;Strive for responsibility!At the same time, try to be a person who has ideas, values friendship, and is willing to insist.Do these three, the future growth of the road, will be proud of the results.So, struggle, while the youth!For 14 – and 15-year-olds, says Uncle Wei, it’s a good time to learn, so you have to talk about learning.As for the concept of learning, Uncle Wei used tao Xingzhi’s words and explained that “learning is every move of every day”.Then, he analyzed the connotation of learning ability and learning skills and methods.Promote the construction of learning family.Finally, Uncle Wei pointed out: our goal is not the high school entrance examination, but the high school entrance examination will bring you the future, is the future of the day, is to do youth notes.At the end of the learning future lecture, Uncle Wei mentioned the theme of “the green shadow helps the young and helps the young”.Tell us, as young people, in the face of youth, need to find in the ordinary learning life is not dull, not mediocre.We should not only pursue the gorgeous flowers, but also admire the ordinary leaves.Words are meaningful and meaningful.Gratitude · Having you this kind of self-life inquiry is just like wu Linglan’s inner monologue in “No Questions west east”, and tells students, parents, teachers to think about their own life.”Many have passed through my life;Only you came into my life.”Yes, we should be grateful for the wonderful meeting of parents and children in life.So it’s okay for parents and children to say to each other, “It’s great to have you!”Parents, teachers and students of grade 3 listened to Uncle Wei’s lecture carefully online.So listen to online lectures, really like the uncle said: “in the back, with every precious and real students, with everyone back to have a common goal and struggle together in the family, with each of the children warm enthusiasm for his demanding teachers, serious and responsible for every pursuit in back, very good!– Uncle Wei “Uncle Wei wants to tell us the philosophical thinking about youth, study and life through this online joint meeting.Every student, parent and teacher who attends the lecture will benefit from it.We believe that with our hand in hand, we will be better!Also warmly welcome, more students, and back to the people together, hand in hand to the future!Source: Hohhot education issued overall/Dong Xianhe school reading/Dong Xianhe preliminary review/Zhang Yifeng bin final review/Zhao Minend statement: unauthorized, prohibit reprinting, use of this public account original articles.Reprint please indicate from Hohhot Daily official wechat;This platform reprinted part of the content from the network, involving infringement please contact delete.News hotline: 0471-6564013 Advertising hotline: 0471-6564037 6564013