Hunan Natural Resources Company volunteers helped resume work and production for epidemic prevention and control

2022-05-28 0 By

Changsha, February 7 (reporter Deng Yajing correspondent Su LAN) it was a critical period for the prevention and control of the epidemic during the resumption of work and production after the Spring Festival. The disin Building and Dezeyuan community had a large flow of people and a dense workplace, and the prevention and control situation was severe and complex.On February 7, the volunteer team of Hunan Natural Resources Company cooperated with Xinnan Community to conduct free nucleic acid testing for all members.I took the lead in epidemic prevention and control and volunteered bravely.Volunteers from the Natural resources Company made every effort to maintain order, provide safety tips, distribute testing equipment, provide convenient services for the elderly, and provide drinking water, lunch and other supplies for medical staff and community workers at the nucleic acid testing site.In just one day, more than 10 enterprises in Dixin Building and Dezeyuan community, with a total of 1543 people, all completed nucleic acid testing.In line with the purpose of doing practical things for the people and adhering to the original mission, the volunteers of Natural Resources Company provided convenient services to the masses and the medical staff fighting in the front line of COVID-19 prevention and control, which fully demonstrated the responsibility of state-owned enterprises in the post-Holiday epidemic prevention and control battle.Editor in charge: Kuang Kuang