Lanzhou bus driver Liu Xueyang has been on the bus for six Consecutive Spring Festival

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Liu Xueyang, a bus driver, has been on the bus for six Consecutive Spring Festival days from The New Evening to the third day of the first lunar month for six years.A smile from a passenger can brighten his day.He is lanzhou public transport group fifth passenger branch of the 12 bus bus driver Liu Xueyang.His biggest regret, he says, is that he owes his family a punctual New Year’s dinner.February 3 is the third day of the Chinese New Year, lanzhou city, the lowest temperature of -8℃, the cold in the morning let people shiver.At 8:50 a.m., Liu Xueyang took over with the morning shifu in wuquan Square.After boarding the bus, he turned on the heat, did a little decontaminating and waited for passengers to board.”Happy New Year!Please swipe your card and go inside.”Whenever a passenger boarded the bus, he would warn him carefully.Departure time arrived, Liu Xueyang drove 12 bus slowly out of the station, toward the direction of donggang town.”During the Spring Festival, there are relatively few passengers.Our line runs 3 buses from east to west in the morning every day, and sometimes more buses will be added after noon.According to the increase and decrease of passenger flow, the fleet carries out flexible management, dispatching capacity at any time, the purpose is to better serve the public.”After the bus passed the peace Hotel bus stop, the passengers on the bus slowly increased, they carry gifts, most of them are visiting relatives and friends.At every bus stop, Liu would remind passengers: “Hold the handrail, please get off to the back door.”At 2 p.m., Liu’s shift was over and he was ready to go home for dinner.Liu Xueyang was born in October 1990. After graduating from university, she started to work in 2017 and became a No. 12 bus driver. She travels on the bus line from Donggang Town to Wuquanxia Square every day, covering more than 10 kilometers and driving normally for 40 minutes at a time.”He is pragmatic and hardworking, selfless dedication, rushed to the critical moment, crisis is clear, widely praised by the masses, has been selected by the passenger branch as the outstanding youth.”Yan Xuekun, the team’s branch secretary, commented.Reporters learned that during the epidemic, Liu Xueyang took the initiative to submit a “letter of challenge” to the Party organization, consciously assume the daily first and last bus operation.As an active member of the party, he also donated protective clothing, gloves, goggles, shoe covers, instant noodles and other supplies to the convoy, and actively participated in the disinfection and epidemic prevention work of the convoy, making his contribution with practical actions.Liu xueyang said he couldn’t work without the support of his family.”My daughter-in-law is a medical worker in the community health service center. She is also very busy at work.The two children are still young and are taken care of by their mother.My daughter-in-law is very supportive of my work. I can’t go home until more than 10 o ‘clock in the evening shift and about 2 o ‘clock in the afternoon shift.No matter how late it was, my family cooked the meal and waited until I came home.””As a bus driver, we don’t need much, just a happy mood every day. A smile from a passenger is enough,” Liu told reporters.Talking about his wishes and regrets, he said that during the Spring Festival in recent years, he only owed his family a punctual dinner and spent less time with them.In 2022, he hopes to join the Party as soon as possible and become a member, as well as spend more time with his family.Sun Jianrong, reporter of Lanzhou Daily/Photo: Su Xiaowen