Sang Arc asked a doctor for Zhang Ailing pregnancy test, cervix has been broken, from then on the two separate ways

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If the day of love day also old, two feelings yue but can not stay together of love, is what a pity and torture.This kind of love story can only love can not be together, also happened in the famous writer Miss Zhang Ailing body.If miss tangible, then as Zhang Ailing wrote in “Small Reunion” : the rain murmur, like living in a stream, would rather rain every day, think you because the rain will not come.Eileen Chang’s words were not actually written to her first husband, Hu Lancheng, but to her second little-known lover, Sang Arc.As a famous writer, Eileen Chang published a Small Reunion, The Golden Lock, Love in a City and other works, which were very popular at that time.In the process of her exploration of love, she integrates her own knowledge into her works, which are transmitted to readers as the words flow from paper to paper.After publishing works, copyright fees, publishing fees, manuscript fees are a lot of income, in theory, such a rich income will have a more nourishing life, but in fact, it is not so.Zhang Ailing married Zhang Ailing gave most of her income to her husband Hu Lancheng in the name of their joint property after marriage.As the most important part of Zhang Ailing’s love history, Hu Lancheng influenced Zhang Ailing for a long time.At that time, Hu Lancheng was not well regarded, and even had the title of “cultural traitors”. What is more, during his escape from the limelight, he also philandering around and had multiple affairs.Even if Zhang Ailing found that after the emotional breakdown left him, two people did not completely break divorce, may be there for Hu Lancheng’s love failed to make his malicious heart.Because Hu Lancheng top “cultural traitors” name, so as a husband and wife zhang Ailing also involved, no one dared to collect her works, no one dared to collect, and eventually ended up with a poor.Eileen Chang is a writer who makes a living by writing. If no one collects her works, her income will be cut off, and her life will be almost without basic security.During the rest of her life, Eileen chang had a hard time, even drinking grapefruit juice every day for a while.After such a period of time, under the great pressure of life, Eileen Chang had to take the initiative to seek a chance to turn over.At present, she needs money to guarantee her life, so she does not mind selling the copyright fee of her work to change her novel into a script, and the important figure in the discussion on how to compile the novel into a script is Sang Arc.Sang Arc sang Arc, birth name Li Peilin.At this time, Sang Arc was already a well-known director in Shanghai, so he was fully responsible for the compilation of the script.Zhang Ailing and Sang Arc met formally through the introduction of the boss at the consultation meeting.Because the author, scriptwriter and other important personnel, when discussing the novel to compile the script, it is inevitable to get familiar with each other, so as to facilitate the project communication.At this consultative meeting, Eileen Chang, who usually writes at home and is not good at interpersonal communication, seemed extremely stiff. Sang, who is delicate in heart, found her silent and prepared to talk with her with red wine.Wearing a plaid wool coat of Irish style, Sang, who was chatting with a smile on his face, did not get zhang ailing’s recognition, and even thought he was a little frivolous, so he did not respond too much.Sang Arc is also very wise, silently sit back to the position and she fell into silence, no words like a kind of companion, this behavior also deeply shocked Zhang Ailing.In the following days, due to the need to talk about the script, Sang Went to Eileen Chang’s residence many times to discuss the script. She was afraid that she would feel uncomfortable when she was alone with Eileen Chang, so she would bring her assistant with her every time.Zhang Ailing, who had no confidence in the scriptwriting, insisted on finishing the road under the encouragement of Sang Arc.Zhang Ailing’s many words gave her great encouragement, as time passed, Zhang Ailing’s impression of Sang Arc’s levity also changed.With the success of the script adaptation, Zhang Ailing and Sang Arc’s feelings, also ushered in a qualitative breakthrough.In 1947, a film adaptation of Eileen Chang’s novel, Love, hit the big screen.As soon as the film was released, Eileen Chang, whose creative career was in jeopardy, became famous again, and re-entered the horizons of readers.The soaring box office and the audience’s love for the film has made Sang ready to strike while the iron is hot, and he wants to cooperate with Chang on the next script of “Long Live My Wife.”During the filming and communication of “Long Live My Wife”, their relationship became closer and closer. At the beginning, Sang, who also took an assistant, gradually discussed the script with Eileen Chang alone in her residence.Days long, as a director of the Sang Arc, and as a screenwriter zhang Ailing gossip, also spread the sky and the sky.One is young, successful handsome youth, one is a collection of talent and beauty at a beautiful woman screenwriter, writer, their move, also gradually into the public’s field of vision.It is not uncommon for zhang Ailing and Sang Arc to have a love affair because of a play in the acting circle.But this gorgeous love spark, destined to be born in the dark under the influence of Hu Lancheng.Although Hu Lancheng in other residences, there was an affair, but after all Zhang Ailing and Hu Lancheng has not divorced.To admit their affair to the public would be a surefire loss of reputation for both of them, the pressure of publicity and, more importantly, the impact on their subsequent careers.As for exactly when Zhang Ailing and Hu Lancheng divorce, Sang Arc also in which to do the catalyst.At that time, Sang Arc had heard more or less about Eileen Chang and Hu Lancheng, and did not know much about their private affairs. Since they had been together, it was inevitable that they would be curious about Eileen Chang’s past.Sang Arc, who was four years older than Zhang Ailing, kept asking her like a naive boy: Ah, are you a good man or a bad man?And Zhang Ailing does not want to let Sang Arc know too much in the past, always with naughty tone prevarications to, but as a child to see a movie, see a person, quickly asked “this is good or bad”?Sang Hu sometimes mumbles to Zhang Ailing while holding her, describing her as unpredictable as a big cat.Because of the persistence of Mulberry Arc on the good and bad people, Zhang Ailing could not bear the guilt and deep feeling in her heart, and answered Mulberry Arc that she was a good person. Then Zhang Ailing, with guilt, sent a farewell book to Hu Lancheng.Eileen Chang sang Arc learned of this matter, in daily life, there is no too entangled with this problem, and Hu Lancheng after the farewell Of Eileen Chang, in this feeling is less a guilty of Sang Arc, will not let him feel worried about gains and losses.Since then, the relationship between Zhang Ailing and Sang Arc has been heating up. Love is so magical that it can change a person, and Zhang Ailing is no exception.She did not pay attention to her own image, because of the words of Sang Arc, began to paint on her face, when going shopping and watching movies, there is no lack of thick makeup.As a director, Sang Arc looked at her makeup as she looked at the stage makeup, and told her that there was no powder on her face, and told her that the oil on her face was powdered, and her makeup looked very bad.Zhang Ailing portrait so “straight man” answer, unavoidably let sensitive Zhang Ailing feel embarrassed, but it is not the process of gradually accepting each other.When the affection of 2 people heats up quickly, an uninvited guest, broke zhang Ailing and sang Arc sweet time.This is a god-given good marriage, and through the test of her ex-husband this unexpected guest is not others, it is Zhang Ailing’s ex-husband – Hu Lancheng.Hu Lancheng in the receipt of Zhang Ailing farewell book, I do not know out of what kind of psychology, and to find Zhang Ailing, they meet again has no enthusiasm together.Eileen Chang just asked her why she was here, and Hu Lancheng just wanted to meet her.Hu Lancheng they came to the living room, Zhang Ailing brewed tea for him, two people sitting together, has no past enthusiasm and attraction, the scene was silent.A phone call broke the ice. It was From Sang Arc.Zhang Ailing’s ex-husband was present, which made her talk happily and become flustered, but also some incoherent, the delicate idea of Sang Arc also felt Zhang Ailing’s unease.He expected hu Lancheng’s visit, Zhang Ailing’s panic also confirmed his speculation, so only left a now inconvenient words to talk about another day hung up the phone.Still sitting in the living room Hu Lancheng is also very curious, who is on the other end of the phone, will let Zhang Ailing so flustered, is male is female, what is the relationship.Hu Lancheng wants the answer, Zhang Ailing feels already is ex-husband however, need not know more, then casually prevaricate a reason.Hu Lancheng seems to have felt her change, no enthusiasm, no love for him when all kinds of performance.So, he took out his girlfriend, xiaokang picture to Zhang Ailing full of love.Sure enough, Eileen Chang behaved very calm, like the placidity of the sea, which let him know that two people, has been impossible.On the left, Hu Lancheng zhang Ailing took a look at the beautiful face on the photo, and did not feel angry, nor did she tear the photo like other wives, but slowly put it on the table, saying that if it was before, she would feel pain for such behavior, but now it has changed, and will not.Just to lead to the reason of Hu Lancheng, zhang Ailing interrupted, she deliberately did not say why change, because everything has become unnecessary, even feel and once loved in front of the people, let her feel sitting too close to the whole body uncomfortable.That night, Zhang Ailing will be another room for Hu Lancheng to sleep, which is the night that nothing happened, so that the two people are aware of each other, they have become each other’s past, the future will not have intersection.Hu Lancheng left the next day, Zhang Ailing with their own sincere love, will tell the arc sang everything.Zhang Ailing (first from left) Sang Arc, a boyish boyfriend, was inevitably jealous after knowing this. Zhang Ailing hurriedly explained to him that she did not shake hands with him. Sang Arc replied angrily that she should not let him touch anything.After this matter passed, the small lovers returned to the original hot love period, but gentle and elegant Sang Arc, also still did not announce their love affair with Zhang Ailing.Sang Arc in order not to let Zhang Ailing, by the influence of ex-husband bear scold, Zhang Ailing also worry about their experience, can affect the cause of Sang Arc.Eileen Chang looks forward to living like this, without interference from outsiders, they have been happy.Zhang Ailing she discovers oneself stop by two months and secretly steal happy, think oneself had the love crystallization with Mulberry arc, the life is about to move toward peak of her, still do not know what waits for her is abyss rift valley.Produce estrangement, miss love happy two people for this coming little life, feel very happy, Sang Arc also specially asked a doctor for Zhang Ailing to do an examination.But the result was disappointing, the reason for menopause, not because of the arrival of new life, but Zhang ailing’s own cervical fracture caused.As for why this happens, the doctor also said that the high probability is caused by irregular artificial induction of labor, and it is very likely that later, can not have children.Zhang Ailing such news for Zhang Ailing, like a bolt from the blue, in this mind has not been completely open era, as a woman, not only is not innocent, but also because this kind of thing can not bear children, so that she no longer face to Sang Arc.Zhang Ailing also never thought, this thought has been broken with Hu Lancheng completely, but ultimately did not escape his influence.Hearing the doctor’s words, Sang arc did not open his mouth to say anything, but remained silent, but it was this silent silence that made Eileen Chang feel more hurt than scolding.Eileen Chang hoped that he said something, even if it was to scold her blame her, but also let her feel in the heart of this person, in the heart of her.Unfortunately, there is no, there is only silence, and just met him in general, but this time is not shocked but flustered.Zhang Ailing and Sang Arc in the days after, Sang Arc comforted her and did not mind this matter, but really care about this matter is Zhang Ailing himself, she could not convince himself to accept the cruel reality, this is sensitive inferiority of her, so completely break their only self-esteem.She began to deliberately alienate the escape from Sang Arc, a person in love wants to quit, the other party is also unable to stay, even if it takes a great effort.Until Zhang Ailing left silently, Sang Arc seemed to understand and did not retain her.So disappeared in each other’s life for three years, when she saw her love sang Arc again, pretending to calmly asked married?The answer was: Already married.Sang Arc (middle) this simple five words, has set off a huge wave in The heart of Zhang Ailing, she saw the newspaper reported sang Arc, and a beautiful female star married the news, the heart is very painful.Helplessly looking at their loved one, has grown old with others, the heart can not pain.After that, they did not talk too much. Eileen chang just silently left Hong Kong, the sad place of Yousang Arc, and went abroad to start her own reclusive life.Abroad Zhang Ailing met the third enchanted person – foreign writer Lai Ya.Eileen Chang dramatized that Eileen Chang, who thought she couldn’t get pregnant, got pregnant with Lai’s child, but had to abort because of economic problems at that time, and ended her life in seclusion and plain in a foreign land.Looking back on Eileen Chang’s emotional past, I can’t escape the sentence he wrote after the photo: “Seeing him, she became very low, low to the dust.But she is glad in her heart, and out of the dust comes flowers.”Some people spend their whole lives looking back, but the real story is never tomorrow.Encounter true love do cherish, also wish all shall be well, Jack shall have Jill.