Tao Yulai: Linguistic Features of Chairman MAO’s Investigation Report on hunan Peasant Movement

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“The top academic journals demand more theoretical contributions and publish papers claiming that big theories are progressing, when in fact there are very few genuinely new ones.Top journals to the requirement of theoretical contributions, and desire in the top journals published the interaction between the career ambitions of scholars, lead to academic journals is filled with claims that the contribution to the theory of the endless, and these ‘delicate and mediocrity’ research issues and research findings, peers and no inspiration for most areas, for readers of the general public and management practitioners are difficult to understand.””Most papers in mainstream management journals today are formulaic, cautious, dry and obscure, whether they are empirical studies of quantitative analysis or speculative discussions in the field of critical theory.”…An article titled “Triumph of Nonsense: How does a” refined and mediocre “paper get into a top publication” has been widely circulated online recently.”Is a striking attack on the phenomenon of” papers “that now exist in all seriousness and nonsense.On September 2, 1958, MAO Zedong was enraged when he approved a report and immediately wrote a letter to express his anger: “I have read it twice, but I do not understand it well and have no impression on my mind.Some points of view together, sand piled up, lack of logic, accuracy, clarity are not seen, the text is not smooth, more no strategic position, overwhelming state.””You were determined not to be seen.””I suspect that the author does not know much about industry, does not know enough about it to be unable to put it into words.””I have spoken ten thousand times, but still nothing moves. My desk is like granite, my writing is like ice.Which year shall it be a little more relaxed, so that the reader feels a little spring, and thus avoids heaven in the morning, and extends his life a little by a year or two?”Usually, people think that only literature needs vivid language.Little do they know, xinda ya, is the common follow of all articles.”The fourth accusation of the party stereotype is that it speaks in a vapid way, like a pimp.The little punks, as the Shanghainese called them, were very much like our party pedants, withered and ugly.If one article and one speech go from place to place with the same nouns and a ‘student’s style’ without any lively language, wouldn’t that be tasteless language and an obtrusive look, just like a bum?”MAO Zedong has made a profound criticism on the tastelessness of language in opposing the Stereotyped Party.Nowadays, there are still many papers without a clear point of view, unable to solve practical problems, but afraid of being “squeezed out of the hidden ‘small’ under the fur robe”, full of ingenuity in opposition, parallelism and other aspects of efforts.As everyone knows, research is like “pregnancy in October”, and solving problems (including writing papers and reports, etc.) is like “childbirth in one day”.A paper or a report is not an air freshener, let alone a Parisian perfume. It should not just smell good, but an insecticide that can truly face problems and solve them.Just like the doctor’s prescription, if calligraphy such as LAN Ting Xu, literary talent li Du, but can not be the right medicine to cure the disease, after all, it is nonsense.Compared with the “paper”, published in the March 28, 1927, comrade MAO zedong’s report of investigation on the hunan peasant movement, material, detailed argumentation is rigorous, opinionated, especially the language is simple and vivid image, make the report with a strong appeal and persuasive, surprise readers read today as “astronomical” god “-” oh,That’s how you talk about an expedition report?The main reason why “Hunan Peasant Movement investigation report” is readable is that it uses many vivid language.For example, when it comes to the role of the peasant associations, Chairman MAO said, “Even the members of the peasant associations who fart in the meeting room are clever.” “Peasant associations try to arrest local tyrants and evil gentry in the morning, and governors dare not wait until noon.When it comes to the destructive effect of the peasant movement on the clan, theocracy and male power, there is a detailed description as follows: “The old practice that women and the poor cannot enter the ancestral temple to eat wine has been broken.Women in The Baekgok area of Hengsan flock to their ancestral temples and eat wine as soon as they sit down..Describes the rich peasants in the eyes of the revolutionary situation, the article first said “rich peasants ears hear is a crushing defeat in jiangxi province, Chiang kai-shek wounded feet, take a plane back to guangdong”, and then use the “wu p ‘ei-fu to account for the tang-dynasty trio colored glazed, always celebrate their victory in the northern expedition, they heard that, said jiujiang were opened, and Chiang kai-shek didn’t broken foot, wu p ‘ei-fu actually defeated.”Before and after the comparison, vividly shows the rich peasants under the tide of revolution at the helm of the wind and confusion…The strong sense of evidence and readability of the report on the Peasant Movement in Hunan comes from a large number of quotes from the subjects of the survey: “When I go everywhere, I often meet such people who beg me to ask the committee members from the province to guarantee their lives!In the former Qing Dynasty, there were two kinds of official books and special books. Good people entered the official books and bandits and other bad people entered the special books.In some places the peasants now frighten those who had previously opposed the associations: ‘Put them in another register!'” If the local tyrants and evil gentry who oppose the peasant associations go into their homes, a group of people will roll in and kill pigs to get out of the grain.Young ladies of the local tyrants and evil gentry may also roll on their gums.”Evil gentry!Recognize us today!'” I went to the countryside, met with the gentlemen and said,’ We can run the farmers’ association, but we need to change the people who are in charge.”There are also ordinary people who say, ‘The farmers’ associations are going too far, although they should be set up.'” The first two of the fifty killed were perfectly innocent beggars.Tang Junyan said: ‘Kill two beggars and open a business!’And the two beggars each died.”…What makes the report even better is the large amount of dialogue quoted in the article: “‘ I’ll give you ten dollars to let me into the farmers’ association!’said the little evil gentry.’xi!Who wants your fucking money?!’answered the farmer.””An official of the township peasant association (mostly riffraff) would walk into the rich peasant’s house with his register in hand and say, ‘Please join the peasant association.’The rich peasants replied,’ Peasant associations?I have lived and farmed here for decades. I do not see any farmers’ associations and even eat.I advise you not to do it!’Among the rich peasants, those with a better attitude say,’ What peasant association? Chop off the heads of peasants, don’t harm anyone!'”‘ Long live the peasants; long live these people too?’The rich farmer expressed great perplexity.The peasant associations became very proud.The peasant associations say to the rich peasants, ‘Put you in a separate register!’ ‘In another month, the membership fee will be ten dollars per person!'”…Another language feature of the Report on the Peasant Movement in Hunan is its extensive use of slang with Hunan characteristics: “Those who used to be called in the countryside tramped on broken shoes, carried broken umbrellas, wore long green jackets, gambled and played cards…”;”Standing outside the door of the peasant association as if it had no home, it is called ‘strike zero’ in the village vernacular!””They lifted up their thick black hands and laid them on the gentleman.They tied up the evil gentry with ropes, put a high hat on his head and led him to his hometown.”…In the report on investigation of hunan Peasant Movement, there are a lot of phenomena, scenes and psychological descriptions that are almost fictionalized, vividly reproducing the sense of the scene: “Wearing a tall hat and traveling in the countryside.This sort of thing is done everywhere.The local tyrants and evil gentry would be put on a tall paper hat, on which the words “local tyrants and evil gentry” would be written.Led by a rope and surrounded by a crowd of people in front and behind.There are also striking gongs and raising flags to attract attention.This kind of punishment makes the local tyrants and evil gentry shudder.He who wears a tall hat once is disgraced and disgraced.So the rich are more willing to be fined than to wear a tall hat.But the farmer does not follow the time, still want to wear.One of the most ingenious peasant associations captured an evil gentry and announced that today he would be crowned with a tall hat.The evil gentry was horrified.However, the farmer decided not to give him a tall hat today.Because he had worn it today, the evil gentry had no fear of guilt, so it was better to let him go and wear it another day.The evil gentry never knows which day he will wear his tall hat, and from day to day he will be restless at home.””County jail.That’s a worse sin than wearing a tall hat.The local tyrants and evil gentry were caught and sent to the prison of the magistrate’s office, where the magistrate was to deal with his crimes.In the old days, gentlemen sent peasants to prison, but now peasants send gentlemen to prison.””Expulsion.This is the evil of the local tyrants and evil gentry, and the peasants do not want to drive them out, but to arrest or kill them.They fled for fear of capture and murder.The important local tyrants and evil gentry, in the counties where agricultural transportation was well developed, had almost disappeared, resulting in their expulsion.Among them, the first class went to Shanghai, the second to Hankou, the third to Changsha, and the fourth to the county seat.The local tyrants and evil gentry who flee are safest in Shanghai.Those who fled to Hankou, such as the three evil gentry of Huarong, were eventually captured.Those who fled to Changsha were always in danger of being captured by students from different counties and provinces. I saw two of them captured there with my own eyes.Fled to the county, although the qualifications are the fourth, but more eyes and ears, found very easy.The financial authorities once blamed the peasants for evicting rich people, which made it difficult to raise money. This also shows that local tyrants and evil gentry are not allowed in the village.”…The hunan peasant movement investigation report is not operas, novels, but it is the USES to which a variety of literary style is not stick to one pattern, to make the report to avoid the plate face preaching, make “revolution is not a dinner party, not for the article, not painting, embroidery, cannot be so refined, so leisurely and gentle, ‘very respectful to like that.A revolution is an insurrection, a violent act by which one class overthrows the power of another.The rural revolution is a revolution in which the peasant class overthrows the power of the feudal landlord class.”The conclusion was eloquent and irrefutable.The text has no definite method, the wisdom of operation lies in one’s heart.Whether a paper or report can be written well depends not on grammar and rhetoric, but on whether the author has a moral mission and a strong sense of responsibility.Triumph of Guff: How do “refined and mediocre” papers make it to the top journals?”In the field of management research, we often feel that the discipline is in crisis.This sense of crisis comes from a kind of alienation: management scholars write and publish academic papers more under the pressure of career development and the demand for professional title promotion, rather than to explore, discover and solve practical problems.Management researchers, driven by rapid publication and fetish for the standard preferences set by ‘top journals’, have produced an increasing number of obscure, grandiose, long-winded research papers, creating the illusion of’ theoretical advancement ‘and’ contribution to management knowledge ‘.In fact, alienated management research has become unworthy of its name. The gap between research results and management practice has become more and more obvious, and management researchers pretend to carry out ‘important’ work within the ‘rules of the game’.”What is said here is only the crisis and alienation in the field of management research. In fact, the flood of “fake papers” is not only shown in the field of management research.Only when the whole party and the whole society study the anti-Party stereotype again, reform our style of writing extensively, deeply and persistently, and oppose formalism, can this problem be solved to the greatest extent.(Author: Baohe District Federation of Trade Unions of Hefei;Source: Kunlun Ce, author authorized to publish)