A serious illness proposed 23 times to break up with Zou, ran yingying rejected all of them. What did she see in Zou shiming

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Zou started a different life in 2008 when he broke the Chinese boxing record with zero MEDALS.Scarred, he was like a king in the octagon cage.His success is due not only to his poverty, but also to his wife Ran Yingying, who has been described as “China’s Answer to the Kardashian”.Ran Yingying and Her husband ran Yingying are trying to have a “little princess” for their three sons.As the boxing champion’s woman, what she did all these years, He Dehe can harvest Zou Shiming’s heart, understand the past of the two people, can not help but people sigh, Ran Yingying is really “ruthless”.Poverty is a heavy topic. In Zou shiming’s mind, wealth means a dignified life.In 2000, zou Shiming, who was still a sparring partner, came to the big city for the first time, and the scene made him want to stay.What Zou shiming remembers most is the fascination outside the window.At that time, he looked at the dazzling goods, the whole person is out of god, the whole person directly hit the glass, many people beside laughing.Because of this, Zou shiming made up his mind to become rich and respected by all.In order to remedy his embarrassment, he kept entering competitions, and whenever he could get a prize money, he became red-eyed.Zou shiming is not short of money, but only at the level of ordinary people.With his own efforts, in 2008, he gave everyone an unrealistic dream, training day and night, he broke the record of zero MEDALS.People like to see the hope of the general, highly concerned about Zou Shiming, hope he can step on a higher stage.Zou is also reluctant to retire. For athletes, it’s either reaching the top or staying in the crowd.Take life as it comes.He was clearly a man who was restless, willing to do anything to get to the top.By chance, he met Ran Yingying.The presence of this woman was like his salvation, the cure for all his pain.Two people gradually familiar with the road, talking about the ideal of the future, every plan of life, there are a lot of common points.Ran Yingying also had a different feeling for this tough guy.The former CCTV host was no less famous than Zou Shiming.But very brave for feelings, she fell in love with this tough guy.As a top student in Peking University, ran Yingying could have made great achievements in the business world. However, she was sure that she resolutely went to Zou Shiming.The two became romantically involved within five days of meeting each other.Zou is an athlete who spends most of his time training and has little time for each other. The two have maintained their hard-won long-distance relationship through phone calls and text messages.Zou Shiming is a very excellent man and a responsible man. It is said that after he retired, he fell ill and broke up with her 23 times, but Ran Yingying chose to refuse. She didn’t care about anything else and just liked him.With fame and wealth and status, without any relationship, as long as Zou Shiming is willing, she can be unknown to the public company.When preparing for the Olympics, Zou shiming proposed cutting off contacts for fear of affecting training.At the time, Ran could not understand and thought Zou was still rejecting her, but after learning the reason, she agreed and began the long wait.For a year, she didn’t send a single text message, waiting for good news from Zou.Zou shiming won the first gold medal in The Chinese field with his own efforts, when he proposed to Ran Yingying with the gold medal, which became a story in the industry.Ran Yingying’s wait finally paid off.But Ran’s parents strongly opposed it, and many wondered why such a hero would be rejected.It turned out that Ran’s father, who had been in the sports industry for years, knew very well how much a man gave to his family.It is a widowed family that can’t bear her daughter.But Ran was ready to devote her youth, and even her whole life, to Zou.At her insistence, the two married, and when they got married, Ran’s mother, as if she had seen her own past, worried even more about her daughter.Because of the wedding of the size of affairs, are the daughter to handle, Zou Shiming was busy training, until the day before the wedding, just back home.After the ceremony, Zou started training again, and the two did not even have a honeymoon.But Ran seems to have prepared for it. Without any complaints, she has quietly supported the whole family.After marriage, she resigned from her job as a CCTV host and became the woman behind Zou Shiming.Many people think Ranyingying is not worth it and give up her good future for a man, but she is such a person with true temperament.Even though the outside world is full of criticism, Zou shiming is everything to her. She demonstrates love with practical actions. When Zou Shiming compets, she shouts in the audience to cheer for her husband.Even if the child is born, it is also the little princess in each other’s heart.Later, she also planned Zou shiming’s career. She took care of her husband silently and made him into a signboard and founded the boxing club. She was a high-profile and excellent woman.In 2017, zou, a former world champion, was roundly denounced by the Internet when he was KO’d by a Japanese fighter, and Ran stood by his side in obscurity.Kissing his scars, in her eyes, husband is the most important.It’s not about fame, it’s not about winning, it’s all about the pain.With his wife’s encouragement, Zou regained his confidence.Even prepared for a rainy day, leaving the child’s cord blood to prevent Zou shiming’s occupational disease.Ran Yingying’s hot body has caused a lot of discussion in the outside world recently. She is more like telling the outside world than she is just a vase.The boxer has the best wife. He’s a winner in life.Combined with the details of life, Ran Yingying is a ruthless person. She can stand loneliness and waste, and her heart is very strong.Have enough strength, stand in Zou Shiming’s side, without reservation love pillow side person.Compared with the success of career, Zou shiming is the real winner emotionally.No matter how he had been, no matter how difficult the future might be, he knew in his heart that Ran Yingying would always be there, and her ordinary love was the most precious treasure.The two are said to be expecting their fourth child in the hope of fulfilling their dreams.Now many people sneer that the Japanese wine deliverer made Zou shiming cry. Is this a kind of prejudice? Is it fair for Zou Shiming that everyone only accepts success and cannot accept any failure?Thank you for watching, follow me, take you to know more entertainment stories!For more exciting content, pay attention to the local flavor circle