Ah zai bought a hard comb and became bald!

2022-05-29 0 By

Hello, everyone, welcome to Dayantian comics, I am the author of dayantian take you into the world of comics.To begin, to begin;To touch with the hand;Refers to hit people.The wake the constant language language, Zhang Shuer artifice Yang is off “o failure today and what funny things, we feel very itchy scalp, stay tuned, failure to find big face younger sister borrow a comb, big face younger sister don’t borrow, so the failure decided to diy, reach out to the big face younger sister there, took out a comb, comb the hair stuck, o lame, yanking at his results come out,Ah decline another hard, well a comb only left a head.Finally, ah shuai lost a new comb and bought one for himself!Big face sister think of their childhood, from small to big, her father will record her height on the doorframe, Ah failure holding his chin said “said so sour, I also have traces of the years, I lie prone on the table to sleep also drew the road ah” see the table has ah failure from grade 1 to now draw the line.Ok, that’s all for this issue of comics, see you next time for more exciting content, come to da Tian Tian comics Ah Shuai tried to copy homework, but was chased at the end!The elevator didn’t fix, ah decline buttocks swollen, big face younger sister see ha ha laugh!