Learning realization adult learning is not self-deception is utilitarian is to convert knowledge into value

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You don’t have time to study because you are busy. You are busy because you don’t study.In recent years, there has been a gust of learning around, whether online or offline, everyone seems to be busy learning.However, many people learn to comfort themselves, and there is no obvious value, I just seem not to learn can not catch up with the trend of The Times, can not let others know that they are an aspirant person.Suddenly one day I found that if learning can not be linked with value, then the so-called learning is a kind of placebo for their own peace of mind.Comfort themselves, hanging an empty signboard, but in fact life has not changed much, in the dead of night when facing ideal and reality will be two skin.Recently I read the book “Learning to Realize”, in which it is particularly clear that how to accurately transform knowledge into value is the meaning of learning.Someone says culture person wants uncorrupt for the United States, can care about the decorous on spirit only, did not combine with reality daily necessities, that decorous but far view cannot obscene play yan.I appreciate a person who has both culture and wealth and can help others as well as himself.Yin Ye, a teacher whom I admire very much, is like this. He is talking about culture, but his culture is powerful. It is a culture that has seen the appearance of wealth and is carried by value.I particularly like what he said: many people’s world view is the world view without seeing the world.True culture must be valuable, and true learning must be valuable.But there are a lot of knowledgeable people around, not necessarily valuable.Or it hasn’t translated into value yet.How to turn knowledge into value?In the book “Learning to Realize”, we first realized that learning is really a lifelong thing with the help of the viewpoint of “A Hundred years of Life”.Unlike in the past, when you were young, it was enough to learn until you were old. Now, as you get older and older, you can’t be productive if you don’t learn. You have to get busier and busier to make up for your lack of learning.No matter how the circumstances change?How to become better, people with low awareness of learning are not able to adapt to the increasingly changing society, so how to develop the habit of active learning is very important.Student learning, learning is work, very passive, but adult learning, is outside of work, take time to learn on their own initiative.You are responsible for the results of your learning. You are responsible for how valuable you are. Even in your 40s and 50s, you can still count the joy of learning new things and doing things you couldn’t do before.Happy learning for adults, there are some secrets to happy learning for adults. First of all, you have to take the initiative, outside of your career and family, to take the initiative to make time for learning and take full responsibility for the results of your learning.If you put in the time and effort and don’t add value to your career, chances are it will fall by the wayside.There is no denying the advantages of adult learning: 1) to make money as a professional, 2) to gain adaptability, and 3) to become the person you want to be.How can learning make it easier to achieve your goals?Learn with a purpose and with your own career plan.From the need for career planning backward, should learn what, rather than relying on their own feelings to learn randomly.Use your imagination to connect your work to your career. After you have studied the main subject, you can learn something that interests you.Take what you’ve learned in dribs and drabs and apply it to your work.Learning does not need to experience, you have to be brave to admit that they are learning deliberately open your learning content, can enhance your own learning motivation, but also especially easy to get people around you deliberately linked to learning and money, so that they have money awareness, master this knowledge can earn how much money?There is also the courage to spend money to learn, do not spend money too easy to get it is not easy to cherish.Be brave to export, because learning is a means, not an end. Even if you are not professional enough, you can export what you have learned and get corresponding feedback. In the feedback, you will have another opportunity to learn.Speaking of the four steps of learning realization, we should first see the four stages of learning: the first stage is the understanding of concepts, that is, the study of a lot of professional knowledge.The second stage is specific understanding, knowledge that can be tried a little, but not easily withstand the test of the outside world.The third stage is a stage of systematic understanding, in which knowledge can be used in different ways and from different angles to show professional practices and abilities.The fourth stage is essential understanding, which is to express the knowledge learned in one sentence and guide others to create professional value.The real value that can be created is in step 3 and step 4, when you can integrate knowledge, you can create value with knowledge.You simply say, you want to learn after you will use, teach, and then teach others to teach.What is proven and what you can teach others is the value of what you have learned.The first half of Learning realization is the cognition of Lvshun learning and the distribution of the four stages of learning.The second part is, how do you quickly track down adults who want to learn?Want to learn aesthetics and English did not learn the content, provides the study map and information map drawing method.Some of the methods and tools are a bit behind because there are now tools like mind mapping available, but the concept is very well thought-through.For their own content to learn, do their own learning map and information map, and then step by step to implement, can be in the year as a unit, can also be in the month as a unit.Make a list of books to read, and then read them bit by bit. After reading them, test them in the marketplace and at work. Finally, you will know how the content you have learned can truly realize your value.What makes me feel particularly deeply is that the author has repeatedly emphasized the need to output, no matter what the situation, to create conditions, but also to output.Even if you only have a 30% grasp, you should try to organize online or offline opportunities to share with more people. In this process, what you have learned will be desired and trusted by others, which is itself a value transformation opportunity.Tips for pure dry things At the back of this book, there are a few tips that touched me particularly, he said, adult learning ah, you just want to learn to start is forward.When you start, instead of working for hours at a time, you can start in 30 seconds a day, and you can finish in 30 seconds you can finish in 3 minutes you can finish in 5 minutes, 10 minutes, an hour, two hours, and that’s an incredible wealth of learning.Wealth may not be your goal, but when you see your ideas become valuable, help others become wealth, improve their lives, and even help more people around you, I believe you will fall in love with learning itself.