Russian girl, studying Chinese in Beijing to make a living, married a man in Chengdu and gave birth to two sons

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Russian girl, who studied Chinese in Beijing for a living, married a man in Chengdu and had two sons.Derived from the network I’m, shiva, russians, this year 29 years old, but I have been to China for over 10 years, not only learned to speak Chinese in China, found the satisfaction of their work, also married a very gentleman of the Chinese people, now I have is the mother of two children, and her husband, to live in chengdu, lead a very comfortable life.In 1993, I was born in Russia’s st. Petersburg a middle-class family, parents have just experienced the collapse of the Soviet union at that time, the whole family and country, the newborn, but my father is a very persistent man, he never said to give up such a word, always with confidence, but times have changed, dad didn’t hold on, the family business,It was also at this time that my father chose to live a reclusive life. His irresponsible attitude eventually brought trouble to my mother.There are five children in my family. I am the youngest girl in the family, with two brothers and two sisters. It is not easy for my mother to take care of the whole family alone, but she never says it is hard.How hard was it when I was a kid?Put it this way!Before the age of 14 I was not through a new dress, all meaning is two sisters through, because it can save a lot of money, two brothers in order to ease the burden for her mother, go out to work at age 14 or 15, elder sister get married in the age of 17, thought brother elder sister pay will make the improvement in our house, but still very poor.I like reading, like to learn a lot of knowledge, so, do not want to like sister, marry early, but missed the best age, not necessarily can marry out, a lot of people know that Russia is a country with more women and less men, my two sister is still single.In the five children, I was the most intelligent, because every exam was the first in the class, so my mother saw the hope, let me continue to study, she will do everything possible, let me go to high school, college, I also fulfill the mission, from middle school to high school, has been very smooth.However, when I was about to go to college, my mother accidentally fell down from a high place and broke her waist when she was preparing fodder for livestock, which made the poor family even worse.My brothers and sisters pooled money to help my mother go to the hospital to see a doctor. The pain made my mother very haggard. At that time, I really loved my mother.But my mother was unimpressed and let me go on to college. She saved enough money for me to go to college.Actually at this time, I met a new model agent, he wants me to work in China, and in order to make more money, I help my mother solve the problem of life, regardless of the mother’s opposition, decided to go to China, of course, at first I didn’t and brokers say much, but a man came to Beijing, in a special language learning how to learn a year of Chinese,I was 19 years old.During my study, I also had a job and often went back and forth to Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Wuhan and other places to shoot for some magazines or clothes, earning a lot of living expenses.Actually, AT that time, I was very content, because I could earn more than five times more in China than I could in Russia, which I had never thought of before.Having worked and lived in China for a long time, I have gained a general understanding of the characteristics and customs of the Chinese people. Of course, there are some suitors. Among my suitors, there are men in their teens and 20s, as well as men in their 50s and 60s.However in the process of filming, I met a very gentleman man, his name is the elder brother of the light, is an independent photographer, is probably because look at each other, four eyes relative to the moment, the love is produced, anyhow we see a noodles, because there is contact, in the evening when I was in the information to determine the relationship.At that time, I was working in Hangzhou, and Brother Guang invited me to visit his hometown Chengdu. Actually, I am familiar with Chengdu, because I have worked in Chengdu many times before, so I am not unfamiliar with it.A week after I finish the work, and then follow light elder brother came to chengdu, went to see the great bear, width alley eating the food, also feel the local culture of rap, the elder brother of the light is very patient to me about his hometown, the change of history, at the time of I, the elder brother of the light is the worship, because it feels he know everything, and very interesting, always can let I hate history say so funny,And it is easy to let me this foreigner understand.Brother Guang was nine years older than me. I was 22 and Brother Guang was 31.After the official relationship with brother Light, I worked with him and became his model. Even though they were male and female friends, he still needed to pay me, because I had to help my mother with her life.A year later, Brother Light and I got married in Chengdu. My mother did not come to bless me because of her poor health, but my eldest brother and second sister, with the help of brother Light, came to the scene and expressed their sincere wishes to me.In fact, Brother Light is a very careful man and likes children very much. In order to make him happy, I decided to give him more children. In 2017, brother Light and I had our first son born.Since having children, Brother Guang has worked even harder, and in 2018, our second child was born, which was a great thing for me to do, as I am a mother of two children.But Brother Guang didn’t think so. He always said he couldn’t afford to raise two children. I didn’t believe him at that time.In my country, I have never heard of such trouble in raising a child. The environment, the school, the cost of living, etc. All in all, it takes a lot of money to raise two children, because the money is beyond my wildest dreams in my life.Now I have two children in kindergarten, which gives me a lot of free time. I can also help my husband to do something within my power. I hope I can live a happy life in China.