The highest temperature in Gansu rose to 24 c during the Qingming Holiday

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As the temperature rises, flowers bloom.New Gansu guest end April 1 news (New Gansu · Daily Gansu network reporter Wang Ziyi) reporter today from the Gansu Meteorological Bureau, Qingming holiday (April 3 to April 5) our province temperature rise significantly, must pay attention to prevent forest grassland fire.In the coming week, most of the weather in Our province will be sunny or cloudy, only some parts of Gannan and Longnan and the eastern Qilian mountains will have weak precipitation.During qingming Festival (3 ~ 5 days), the temperature rose obviously, and most of the precipitation in the early stage of our province was less, resulting in a higher level of forest and grassland fire in Hexi area.Province weather forecast precipitation: today night to April 2 in the daytime, Gannan, Longnan two cities overcast, local light rain (snow) or sleet;The rest of the province is sunny or cloudy, with light snow or sleet in the east of the Qilian Mountains.From the night of April 2nd to the day of April 4th, it will be sunny or cloudy all over the province.From the night of April 4th to the day of April 7th, it will be sunny or cloudy all over the province, with light snow (rain) or sleet in some parts of Gannan Prefecture.Temperature: The highest temperature is expected to be between 5℃ and 24℃ during qingming Festival.Compared with the historical period in the past 30 years, except for Gannan and Longnan, the highest temperature in other parts of the province is 2℃ ~ 6℃ higher.Effect and Suggestions: in the coming week, less of rainfall, the temperature rise in succession, forest fire danger weather the high grade, to related department to closely monitor, completes the forest steppe fire prevention work arrangement deployment, especially for the key area of vegetation coverage is higher, the key parts are the key supervision, reduce the risk of fire.As tomb-sweeping day approaches, mass mourning activities increase, local governments should actively adopt supervision and inspection measures, strengthen fire safety management in the field, and eliminate all kinds of fire hazards.