What should I do if I can’t jump the second step of the triple jump?What are the causes?

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Triple jump is also called triple jump, is a relatively difficult project in track and field competition, and in the triple jump in the second jump step jump technology is the most difficult to master, I believe many people are from this experience, specific performance is many people in practice when the triple jump second step can not jump up, so how to solve?The following exercises will tell you how to practice the second step of the triple jump can not jump up and what causes it.Practice the second step of the triple jump can not jump up how to do 1, appropriately reduce the run-up speed, control the first jump height and distance.If the run-up is too fast, the impact of the first jump is too strong, which affects the performance of the second jump.2, take off when the upper body moderately forward, legs to do explosive stirrup action.3. Improve the technique of landing on one foot.Landing technique is very important for the triple jump.1. Insufficient strength in leg muscles and knee joints.Training can improve through training, but some people don’t easily to try, must be under the guidance of professional training, especially individual demonstration too difficult, such as carrying 60 kilogram barbell vaulting box, such as ordinary people could knock off teeth shattered jaw, or be a barbell down from neck to hit more dangerous, such as do not easily to try.2. The weight of the body fluctuates greatly, and the sense of rhythm is not strong.Finding a rhythm is also a great help for the triple jump. If you don’t find a rhythm, you may not find the power point during the jump.The above content is about the second step of the triple jump can not jump up how to do and what is the cause of the hope to help readers.