Yang Delong: the year of the Tiger is a good omen for the start of the configuration of high-quality bibcock through the bull bear cycle

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De-long Yang | cubic everybody talks columnist on February 7, on Monday, today is the year of the tiger first day of trading, a-share market to appear as scheduled start, three major indexes rose.During the holiday, peripheral markets generally rose, including the US stock market, European stock market, Asian stock market and many stock markets rose sharply, Hong Kong stocks also appeared on the first day of A good start, hang Seng index rose 800 points, which provided an opportunity for the A-share market off to A good start.Some of the headwinds that weighed on the market in January have been digested, particularly as they were pre-priced in by the sharp falls in most stocks in January.The Fed rate hike was expected by the market, so the impact on the future market gradually reduced.A share market in the year of the Tiger is A good omen, the year of the Ox is almost adjusted for A year of time.Last year, after the Spring Festival, many high-quality stocks started a sharp correction, and today is just a whole year’s time.Ox year not ox?This provides a condition for the year of the tiger to rise.From the point of time, the a-share market achieved A good start in the Year of the Tiger, which provided A certain basis for the trend of the market throughout the year.On December 12, my top 10 predictions for 2022 made it clear that the risk of us stocks peaking increased as the Fed shifted monetary policy and the US economy likely slowed.However, this does not mean that the U.S. stock market will soon bear, the U.S. stock market is more likely to maintain high volatility, maintain a strong trend for a period of time.So the IMPACT of THE US stock market on A shares and Hong Kong shares is not big.The decline of A shares and Hong Kong shares before the festival is actually people’s overinterpretation of negative factors.This year the A-share market will be A big year for value investment, and some of the high-quality leading stocks that have been mistakenly killed are expected to see the opportunity for recovery.China’s economy is now shifting from high-speed growth to medium-speed and high-quality growth, and some industries are even experiencing negative growth.In this case, the head effect becomes more pronounced.Many industries have entered the stage of excess capacity, from the original incremental competition into the stock competition, at this time the industry leading enterprises by virtue of brand, capital, market position and other advantages, can obtain more market share.Companies that are not leading the way are struggling, or even dying out.In this case, the high quality bellwether has more investment value during the holidays, a former sea open fund honorary chairman Mr Hong-yuan wang made it clear that the 2022 global stock market in an unprecedented large water is unsustainable and inflation are higher, under the background of the fed began tightening monetary policy, begin to enter risk release period was inevitable.In this context, China, which has adhered to prudent fiscal and monetary policies in the past few years and has a large reserve of policy tools, is the only country in the world that has the ability, willingness, tools and execution power to support the bottom economy.China’s stock market in the year of the Tiger will be one of the world’s brightest.The long-term strategic inflection point for global capital to actively pursue China’s high-quality stocks and bonds has appeared. Excellent local institutional investors should take action to seize the rare strategic opportunities and welcome a better tomorrow of China’s capital market with global investors.The Year of the Tiger A share market is expected to usher in A big year of value investment, which is good for institutional investors and fund investors.Because most funds like to allocate good performance industry leader stocks.This also provides a reference for the majority of investors to invest in funds.Now the four seasons of the fund has been disclosed to the end, the choice of four seasons before ten heavy warehouse is high grade bibcock the fund is relatively a better choice at present.China’s much-heralded women’s football team won the Asian Cup last night in a rousing victory.Among them, the captain of the Chinese women’s football team, Wang Shanshan, a native of Luoyang, Henan Province, was named the best player of the Asian Women’s Football Cup.Many investors recall that the a-share market had A bull run after the women’s soccer team last won in 2006 and were hoping to repeat that trend this time around.Of course, history will not simply repeat itself, this is just a place for everyone’s good expectations.But compared with the men’s team’s dismal record, the success of the Chinese women’s team’s fighting spirit has been heartening.This year, economic transformation has been the focus of investment. Big consumption, new energy and technology and the Internet are the three directions of economic transformation, and I have always suggested that we focus on the allocation of the three directions.Although consumption has experienced a decline in growth in the past two years due to the impact of the epidemic and strict control, branded consumer goods are expected to grow against the trend in consumption upgrading, and the long-term investment value of branded consumer goods is beyond doubt.Buffett’s ascent to the top of the stock market has been linked to his long and unwavering commitment to take advantage of sharp declines to buy white horse stocks, including Apple, which made him $140 billion in profits.It is undoubtedly a consumption behavior for people to buy iPhone. It was when Apple became the company with the largest market value in the world and its position in the industry was unshakeable that Buffett started to buy it in a large amount.It also reflected his belief that he would rather buy a great company at an average price than buy an average company at a cheap price.Great companies don’t come cheap, though.But it still has the opportunity to generate big returns for investors, especially in great companies that can make investors take big positions.As a result, its rising share price has provided investors with a return that far exceeds that of ordinary companies.Warren Buffett once said that stocks are not about how much they go up, but how much you buy.There are a lot of people who like to chase dark horses and dig dark horses.But even if you find a dark horse, because you are worried about the risk of investment, you will not dare to heavy position, or you gamble to heavy position some potential dark horse, the probability of failure is very large, once the investment failure may be lost.So heavy position bet a stock risk is very big, the lesson is also very disastrous.Through the allocation of white dragon horse stock investment risk to a minimum, or through the allocation of some investment white Dragon horse stock funds are regarded as a better, more rational investment method.Invest not for quick riches, but for steady returns over time.A tenfold increase in ten years is the dream goal of many people.In fact, with the power of compound interest, to achieve the goal of 10 times in 10 years, an annual return of more than 26 percent.In fact, Warren Buffett has returned more than 30,000 times over 60 years, or an annualized return of 20%.So we don’t need to be looking for high returns every year. We should be able to get around 20% a year by allocating to good stocks or a good fund.Of course, some years may be disappointing, but if we’re in high-quality stocks or funds and the pullback is limited, our long-term returns won’t be too bad.Recently released new energy vehicle sales data far exceeded expectations, is the only industry in each industry can still maintain more than 50% growth.And new energy plate in January back to the market has also brought opportunities to rebound.Qianhai Open Source Clean Energy Fund, which I manage, unswervingly distributes new energy leading stocks with excellent performance at bargain prices and shares the long-term returns brought by new energy replacing traditional energy.Adhere to value investment, it is easy to know but difficult to carry out, especially when there is doubt in the market and the market drops sharply, it is more important to keep rational and objective, overcome the psychology of fear, and adjust the distribution of high-quality stocks or high-quality funds at the lowest price.To change, adhere to the long-term to maintain and increase the value of wealth.Review of coordinating editor: Yang Zhiying | : li zhen | director: jun-wei wan