Three years ago, a couple in Nanjing spent 950,000 yuan to have twins, a boy and a girl

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The issue of surrogacy was brought to the fore when celebrity Zheng stirred up the entertainment industry with her surrogacy scandal a year ago and was banned from the Internet.In some countries, surrogacy is legal and there are even agencies that make money from it, but in China, it is a crime.It is not just these years that surrogacy has caused such a stir.When the parents are in love, they get excited and give birth to a baby through a surrogate just like Zheng, but when the relationship breaks down, they become a ball of fire.It is a lack of humanitarianism that children are forced to endure the pain of being placed on their bodies when they cannot decide where they are born.Their dispute, and a surrogate mother is constantly, a cut is disorderly dog blood series, it is to avoid these disputes, our country the human assisted reproductive technology management method “regulation, forbidden to buy and sell any form of gametes, zygote, embryo, medical institutions and medical personnel shall implement any form of surrogate technologies.The legal liability of medical institutions for illegal surrogacy is also clearly stipulated, that is, the health administrative department of the people’s government of the province, autonomous region or municipality directly under the Central Government shall give a warning, impose a fine of less than 30,000 yuan, and impose administrative sanctions on the responsible person;If the case constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.But in such a severe grasp of the case, there are still people driven by violent profits, the crime against the wind.In 2019, a surrogacy scandal occurred in Nanjing, and tang and his wife were at the center of the controversy.Tang and his wife have been married for more than 20 years, and their feelings are very strong.Later, tang’s wife was diagnosed with fertility disorder. At first, they comforted each other and could live alone all their lives. However, at the age of nearly 50, they felt the passing of life and felt lonely when they saw all the people around them with children and grandchildren.In the case of Tang and his wife, the implementation of “human assisted reproductive technology” in accordance with the national family planning policy, ethical principles and relevant laws in medical institutions approved by the health administration department is allowed.If you just want to raise a child, you can adopt legally.Under the influence of the concept of procreation, Tang still wants to have children of his own blood.The desire to keep one’s bloodline alive is also understandable in terms of respecting and securing rights.But Tang mou went astray, ready to use shady way to welcome their children.He asked around and accidentally joined a group of surrogates.The price of surrogacy is expensive. Tang and his wife are ordinary wage earners with average income. After repeated bargaining and deliberation, they settled with the agency at the price of 850,000 yuan.Finally, they put together a deposit, and a few months later, the agency said the mother had successfully pregnant, the couple were happy, although heavily in debt, but always looking forward to the birth of a new baby.After the baby was born, the agency told them it was a boy and a girl, and a paternity test showed it was Tang’s.They thought that after paying the remaining 250,000 yuan, they could see their beloved child, but the agency temporarily increased the price, saying that the surrogate mother did not want to give the child, they should add another 400,000 yuan, or they would not give the child to them.They can see the baby’s rosy face in videos and photos, which shows that the baby is well taken care of by the nanny, but they really can’t take out 400,000 yuan.For these two children, they have borrowed nearly 700 thousand, the cost of living of the child is still a problem later, but has paid so much, they also cannot abandon the child regardless of, under all kinds of helpless, finally chose to call the police.To coerce children and temporarily raise prices is a lack of spirit of contract.But surrogacy is against public order, good customs and laws and regulations, so the contract they signed is invalid, tang does not have to pay the money.But he’s hard to get back, too.According to Article 52 of the Contract Law, contracts that violate mandatory provisions of laws and administrative regulations are invalid.In addition, the personal relationship cannot be transferred and changed, parent-child relationship is determined from the birth of the baby, not because of the parties to the negotiation and agreement and change.Because soup mou is to borrow abdomen to give birth to a child, so the child’s biological mother is a surrogate mother, she also has the right of custody in law, even if illegitimate child, in lactation will give priority to the woman, Soup mou also has to pay a large sum of alimony to her.According to the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, whoever commits the crime, if the circumstances are serious, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than five years or criminal detention and shall also, or shall only, be fined not less than one time but not more than five times the illegal gains.If the circumstances are especially serious, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than five years and shall also be fined not less than one time but not more than five times the illegal gains or be sentenced to confiscation of property.The illegal intermediary will be punished by law, but the matter between Tang and the birth mother is not so easy to solve. Finally, after negotiation, Tang paid 250,000 yuan to take the two children home, but the initial joy has long since disappeared.Children while in the side, but it was not on the account, because we can not check and ratify new mothers information, so there is no “the medical certificate of birth”, soup a couple travelling for nearly a year, a child’s hukou has failed to implement smoothly, and by children to bother are continuously emerging, will sleep over two people to bear, like instant old ten years old.Later, the policy was updated, the child successfully registered for residence, but they are not young, huge debts and children’s education life are pressure on the mountain, people around the general look at the joke, also let the couple complain more and more, and even began to regret this decision, the future conflict has been expected.Two people wanted the child with one mouth blood, perhaps it is true out of love to the child, but ups and downs for dozens of years, they did not learn to mature as before, when choosing to get the child through illegal means, should consider this series of consequences, and debt to want the child, to the child after all is love or disaster, difficult to say.(Privacy concerns, the names of the people in this case are all pseudonyms, some pictures are from the Internet, only to match the narrative.Warm reminder: respect the original, please do not copy handling and reprint oh.