Activity tracks of 5 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Suifenhe city were announced

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From 12 o ‘clock on January 29 to 24 o ‘clock on January 30, 5 confirmed COVID-19 cases were detected in key populations in Suifenhe City, and all of them have been transferred to designated medical institutions.According to the epidemiological investigation, the main movement of the case is as follows: The confirmed case occurred at 14:23 a.m. on January 19, and at 16:27 p.m. at the third branch of The New Hongwook Grocery Store.January 20, 9:28, fire Fox Shopping mall, ground floor.January 21, 9:00 longxigou pedestrian street, 9:44: take line 10 bus.January 22, 14:50 fire Fox Shopping mall, middle basement.January 23, 15:12 fire Fox underground shopping mall.Igor’s shop at 15:34 on January 24th.January 25, 15:39 xinpeng Feiguo (Dazhilu store) shopping.January 26, 15:50 hansi beef and mutton, 16:12 good life fresh supermarket, 16:33 Xinpeng Fruit industry (Shancheng Road store), 16:40 new Hongxu fresh supermarket three branches.January 27, 14:00 to nucleic acid sampling site for nucleic acid.January 28, home quarantine.Confirmed case 24 I am old, with poor memory and hearing, poor legs and feet, and poor mobility. I have stayed at home all year round.Confirmed case 251 went to work at the Russian candy Warehouse (formerly hall 234 of Aojiaolong Supermarket) at 8:00 a.m. and left at 17:30 a.m. from 19 To 24 January.Ps: January 22, 15 o ‘clock qingyun supermarket.January 24, 7:30 to the nucleic acid sampling site for nucleic acid.At 10:45 on January 25, we went to Yisui Fresh Supermarket downstairs in Area C, Xicheng District.January 26 to 28, home quarantine control.Confirmed cases 261 From 19 to 24, she went to work at the Russian candy warehouse at 8:00 and left at 17:00 every day.Another: January 19, 8 o ‘clock to nucleic acid sampling sites to do nucleic acid.17:37 qingyun Supermarket.January 22, 15 o ‘clock qingyun supermarket.January 24, 7:30 to the nucleic acid sampling site for nucleic acid.January 25-28 home quarantine.The confirmed case went to her daughter’s home in Qianyuan Community of Xiaobeishan at around 7 PM and returned to her home in Area B of Xicheng District at around 5 or 6 PM every day from 17 to 21 January.From January 22 to 23, she stayed at her mother-in-law’s home in Area C, Xicheng District (confirmed case 24).January 24, 16:00 to nucleic acid sampling site for nucleic acid.Around 18:40, he took the no.5 bus and returned home.From January 25 to 26, I stayed at home and had no visitors.From January 27 to 29, he went to the nucleic acid sampling site to do nucleic acid every day.Suifenhe Center for Disease Control and Prevention reminded the general public to pay close attention to the situation of the epidemic. If there is an intersection with the activity track of the positive infected person, or if there is a travel history in the domestic high-risk areas or epidemis-related areas within 14 days, immediately take the initiative to report to the community (village) and work unit, and cooperate with the implementation of prevention and control measures.If you have fever, dry cough, fatigue, sore throat, loss of smell (taste) sensation, diarrhea and other symptoms, do not take medicine by yourself. You should wear a mask and go to the fever clinic of the nearest medical institution as soon as possible.Avoid taking public transportation during medical treatment, and proactively inform you of your travel history and contact history.Suifenhe Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the community consultation telephone: CDC: 0453-3953027 Friendship Community: 13136861902 Xinhua Community: 13019060339 Yong ‘an Community: 13845314509 Shancheng Community: 13946316516 Qianjin Community: 13945377898 Beihai Community:Sanhe Lin Community: 15945479275 Guanghua Community: 13101537000 Xinxing Community: 13504638755 Tiexi Community: 13204439106 Suixing Community: 15561960020 Qiyuan Community: 13351235126 Jiannan Community:13763610966 Guying Community: 13504607177 Jianxi Village: 13946325609 Nanhan Village: 18645775757 Jianhua Village: 15946371999 Yongsheng Village: 13514536596 Caiying Village: 18745383121 Fuhua Community:13514512211 Jianxi Community: 15145327827 Jiandong Village: 13945353765 Beihan Village: 13704833458 Beigou Village: 13514527872 Kuangou Village: 13125939793 Chaoyang Village: 13199384477 Jianxin Village:15846791715 Suifenhe COVID-19 Prevention and Control Emergency Headquarters January 31, 2022 source: Today suifenhe poster made by Xu Yang editor: Bo Xun Review: Yang Ye Coordination: Sun Jiawei