Annual Top ten Creative Health Instructor | Jiugong Town liu Hongliang

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The 2021 top ten news instructor | | do u do u do u do u | | palazzo vecchio town Liu Hongliang Liu Hongliang comrades responsible for palazzo vecchio town national hygiene supervision work, the news work over the past few years, the comrades have been rush about in the news work.Old palace town restaurants, supermarkets, construction sites, parks, communities, hospitals, schools, garbage transfer stations everywhere left his hard busy figure.The superior issued chuangwei problem rectification ledger, each one has personally combed, distributed to the units, in recent years, regardless of weekends, statutory holidays from no interruption, overtime without complaint, in order to complete the task in time, often delayed the meal, never care.In the heat of summer and winter, whenever necessary, resolutely obey the leadership’s command and dispatch, and rush to the scene at any time.Every time to meet the superior inspection, each point each unit one in place in advance of detailed guidance, repeated exhortation.Since the launch of this work this year, Jiugong Town has successfully welcomed the establishment of the national health town city, district level inspection 5 times, as of December 30, 2021, the implementation of the rectification ledger 6,147, the rectification rate of 99.98%.The comrades work seriously, silently dedication grass-roots line, conscientious stick to their ordinary work post.Follow us to learn more about daxing Chuangwei