Baby has posted a selfie for the first time since their divorce to welcome the New Year

2022-05-31 0 By

Shortly after midnight on The first day of the lunar New Year, Angelababy shared a beautiful photo of herself with the caption: “Happy New Year, Tiger!”This is the first time Baby has shared a selfie since his divorce from Huang xiaoming was announced four days ago.Yang Ying is wearing a lot of makeup, with a straight nose, mixed blood features, and a slightly pouted mouth. She is really convincing in terms of appearance level.In another snap, the baby appears to be in a good mood as she smiles with her mouth slightly raised.Baby still has the mind to p so many pictures, estimated not too affected by marriage change.In the pictures below, baby looks like a character coming out of a game.Her shaggy hair covered one of her eyes.On January 28, 2022, Huang Xiaoming and Yang Ying released a post saying goodbye to their seven-year marriage, plus five years of dating. After nearly 12 years since 2010, they finally put an end to their marriage.However, since the two have been rumored to be divorcing for years, Internet users called it the most unemotional celebrity official divorce ever.But it was so sweet when they were together, and Huang xiaoming’s vows at their wedding are still fresh in people’s mind: “You are finished, my baby. Just wait for the rest of your life. I have never been so nice to anyone, except my mother.”When foreign media reported huang xiaoming and Angelababy’s wedding of the century, it was reported that the wedding cost 196 million yuan and attracted 2,000 guests. Angelababy was hailed as “China’s answer to the Kardashian” and “Asia’s top star” while Huang xiaoming was “Asia’s top actor”.But as we all know, when Huang Xiaoming and baby were together, the woman was just a fledgling girl, both works and popularity are not “top” to describe, but after with Huang Xiaoming, gradually opened the popularity.Even now, we can’t say anything good about Baby for a while, but it does look good on magazine covers.So in a way, Baby got her showbiz status because she married Huang xiaoming.Many people feel that huang Xiaoming is not worth complaining, think baby now hard wings, they fly.But it’s not always baby’s problem.As for the specific reasons for divorce, we may be difficult to know the opportunity.Because Hong Kong media reported that Huang xiaoming and Baby’s divorce adhere to the three “no” principle, namely, no dispute over the child, no dispute over the property, no foul talk.So the two are good to get together and part, unlike some other celebrity couples online fight, affect each other’s career.Last year, Huang xiaoming said he wanted to have a daughter in a Chinese restaurant. At that time, Internet users thought he and Baby were still in a sweet relationship, but now he doesn’t even have a partner to give birth to children, and sponge has become a heart-breaking child.I wish Huang Xiaoming a better career and return to the peak of his career. I also wish baby to meet the right partner for him.