Reporters help | school to use the two books, sent to hangzhou, in express why refused

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Qianjiang Evening News · Hour news reporter Sun Yan Zhan Cheng Kai tomorrow (February 16) is the day many schools in Hangzhou report, after the god beast will return to the cage.Ms. Wang in Hangzhou is quite anxious, the school designated to buy two books of teaching AIDS, the teacher said that the school will bring children, but she opened the logistics information yesterday, found that the transit station was rejected by the logistics.I asked the seller why, and it was epidemic control.”Hangzhou has lost its star, how can express delivery still be under epidemic control?”School is about to start. What can we do?She turned to reporters from the qianjiang Evening News for help.Last week, the teacher said in the group that she wanted to buy two teaching books. Ms. Wang was usually busy and had no time to go to the bookstore.On the boku network, did not find the designated book.So I looked at other shopping platforms.”Goods is some, but still not at ease, in case the children bought pirated books, not good.”So she went to, found a shop, asked the seller, and after confirming that the book was genuine, she placed an order on Feb. 11.Her parents, who knew her well, followed suit.The store from Hangzhou delivery, Ms. Wang generally three days almost can receive the book, the first day of school can use.Yesterday evening, she opened her mobile phone and looked at the logistics information. When she saw the words “rejected”, she checked the details and found that the express had been returned to the bottle kiln and signed for receipt.She was a little puzzled, so she asked the seller the reason for the rejection, and the seller told her it was returned due to the epidemic.Ms. Wang said, my unit’s express has been normally sent and received, why sent home express was returned?The seller didn’t explain much.She shared the news with another parent, Ms. Shen.When Ms. Shen turned on her phone, she found the same thing. She had been rejected earlier, on Feb. 13.The seller gave the same answer: epidemic control.At that time, the Courier of ZTO received the express, but the logistics information was shown to the Jiaxing transfer station and was rejected. Is this a unique case or is it not ok for Zto express to send from Hangzhou to Hangzhou?Ms. Wang intends to add some express fees, find sf Express try.”I wonder if it will be rejected?”In the evening of February 15, Ms. Wang sent news to reporters, Sf has been sent out.Another parent returned the book and planned to go to the bookstore to find it.Why can’t Hangzhou Express deliver goods because of the epidemic control?The reporter tried to contact zhongtong Express customer service, but has been a robot call.Hour news reporters also reported the situation to the Hangzhou Post Administration bureau.According to the relevant staff of Hangzhou Post Administration bureau, the zhongtong Hangzhou transfer Station is currently operating normally, and the two express packages are abnormal. It has been found that the returned packages are not due to the epidemic, and the specific reasons are still under investigation.The hour news will be keeping an eye on this.This article is the original work of Qianjiang Evening News. Without permission, it is forbidden to reprint, copy, extract, rewrite and spread online, otherwise, the newspaper will pursue the legal responsibility of the infringer through judicial channels.