Technology and traditional culture integration OPPO Assistant released the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival NFT digital collection

2022-05-31 0 By

On February 15, 2022, OPPO assistant launched the NFT digital collection of the Year of the Tiger During the Lantern Festival. The digital collection is not only the closing gift of the large brand event of The Year of the Tiger in 2022, but also a new round of exploration of the “meta-universe” layout of the assistant.In the recent year of 2021, the newfangled concept of the metasverse has taken the tech world by storm as the industry’s new “top stream.”As an intelligent assistant who likes to taste new things and pursue interesting things, Xiao Bu assistant also actively explores the field of the meta-universe.As early as the third anniversary, Assistant Bubo launched the “round” universe project, which enrichis users’ understanding of the digital world of the metascouniverse through the cross-linking game plan.In the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, Xiao Bu’s assistant once again added the yuan Universe and issued digital collection projects on the tree map chain. The design inspiration was the dragon, phoenix and Kylin, the three traditional god beasts, which perfectly integrated traditional culture and digital collection and extended traditional culture to the virtual world.With the support of the underlying technology of blockchain, the year of the Tiger Spring Festival God beast series digital collection has a unique serial number and ownership information on the tree graph chain, which can not be tampered with or copied to ensure its uniqueness and scarcity, and ensure that each digital collection has unique collection value.In addition, Assistant Boudoin also revealed that he may open up the community of boudoin universe in the future, and let users participate in the governance, and fully stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of community users.In xiaobuyuan universe community, Xiaobuyuan assistant will give priority to the user experience and access qualification of digital collections.Since the release of the strategy of the integration of all things in 2019, OPPO has focused on the establishment of the integration of technology system, to create personal technology integration scene experience.As the strategic control point of the new ecological key of OPPO’s strategy of mutual integration of all things, The assistant has been exploring and layout in the meta-universe for a long time.At the OPPO Developer Conference in 2021, Bubo assistant launched the industry’s first intelligent assistant bubo virtual man based on multi-mode interaction of virtual human, breaking the simple language interaction form between human and machine, and evolving the interaction between human and virtual human, making the interaction more natural and real.At the same time, the interactive mode of The assistant has been further upgraded.Through voice, command, suggestion, screen recognition and scan five major modal ability modules, build the most direct information medium of human-computer interaction.Xiaobu assistant explores the deep connection between the real world and the digital world, builds a bridge between users and the metacosmic world, and brings users a more visual, immersive and emotional way of interaction.The release of the virtual man of Cloth has established a positive foundation for the construction and exploration of the meta-universe of cloth.When the Bubo virtual man is combined with the metasverse, the virtual man’s interaction becomes more “real”.In the metaverse, users can have a virtual doppelgat that can be used to do many things in the virtual world that are not possible in the real world.What is more worthy of expectation is that The Virtual human will also provide more personalized customization capabilities, and the upcoming launch of the virtual human customization platform for thousands of people will also enable more developers to build more diversified virtual human characters required by core scenes by themselves, and carry them on more intelligent devices.There is a view that the NFT digital collection is the digital ticket of the metasomes, and the virtual human is the digital identity of the metasomes.What is clear is that, from the virtual people to The “round” universe project to the NFT digital collection, the Assistant is ready for the arrival of the age of the meta-universe.With the support of the meta-universe, The Assistant will become a key carrier for users to connect and travel from the real world to the digital world, and will certainly create a more promising future.