Why is the Nokia N9 being called a magic phone?

2022-05-31 0 By

The Nokia N9 is known as a generation of god, so this phone he in the end god in what place, we will introduce you today.Nokia N9 pioneered the first full screen time, in recent years was android grass Fried hot proud full screen, is actually not camp android producers of invention, the first is the nokia N9 for market, but there were no comprehensive product this concept was put forward, but today we look at nokia N9, is really delicate,Beautiful and generous full screen, and know that the mobile phone screen at that time, only 4 inches, 4 inches of full screen south on the hand is very small.My surprise is the second, sliding operation, since 2007, when apple Steve jobs launched the first generation of iPhone, it shocked the world, sliding operation no one button of the screen to replace the past also didn’t keyboard operation, nokia sliding operation make the phone really more close with people, not dadada typing on the keyboard,Many people still miss the blackberry’s fast typing speed, but with the popularity of smart apps and.In fact, typing on the touch screen is faster than typing on the physical keyboard. In addition, the sliding operation replaces the keyboard operation and makes it easy for many people who do not know computer to use the mobile phone, which also changes the inflexible and bulky feeling of Nokia in the past and makes the mobile phone system more humanized.Appearance design, system operation, the design idea, work and so on various aspects for the n9 are worthy of a generation of man, but not means that he has no fault, shortcomings of the nokia n9 embodied in the following aspects: the first is the chief drawback of the system software is too small.Able to run in the mobile phone games and software are very rare, even a WeChat QQ, and large have no game, just like kirin red flag Linux system now domestic depth system etc. Although these systems are also very good, very classic, but too much software is so people have to go,Switch back to the clunky Windows operating system, which also looks a lot like Apple’s MacOS, and while macOS is a leader in designing office graphics and so on, the scarcity of games has forced many gamers to install Windows on their macs.Second disadvantage is that the nokia N9 pursuit of thin and small at the same time, it has brought the battery capacity is insufficient, its built-in a battery only 1400 milliampere than this, a lot of keyboard mobile phones such as nokia c500 nokia E71 and so on almost the same as or even less, nokia 1500 ma before battery can become big batteries,However, in the era of smart phones with increasingly large touchscreen operation screens, 1500 mah is not enough to allow users to use it for a whole day. In addition, the charging at that time was also quick charging of 5v1A.So the battery is also one of the disadvantages of this phone.A disadvantage is the time when the nokia N9 listed 3 is android and ioS period of rapid development, though the N9 has led to the tide of nokia, but not enough to change the market pattern, N 9 with apple and android also have, only android because the hardware condition of operation was more CARDS, but absolute leading ioS,In addition, the system of N 9 is basically borrowed from ios, so its launch does not become a cross-era mobile phone like the iPhone in 2007. Because it is a new system, the cost of the newly opened grinding tool is also very high, and the price of the first release is very expensive, even close to that of iPhone.At the same price or more than apple’s, users certainly aren’t going to roll the dice on the Nokia N9.Is more than a couple of reasons to cause the n9, reasons of less popular, but these external faults than an inherent one of the most important reason, is clearly on the strategic direction, give a person the sense with scratching their heads, the nokia series of fan operation of the classic mobile phone, can’t delay, classic design also suddenly turned soft,There has also been a Trojan horse.Microsoft has always been bad at making mobile phones. Even Steve Jobs joked that Microsoft only had engineer thinking but no designer taste. As a factory director who started with hardware, Nokia did not lack good hardware at all, but good software design.So, to this day, Kung still can’t figure out why Nokia is going out of business by cutting the first generation of the classic N9 and switching to Microsoft.Meego, a classic system, is dead.