Can you tell me who I am in Twin Cities?This detail is foreshadowing, related to Bai Wei

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Starring Li Yifeng, Chen Yuqi, Zheng Yecheng, Yang Zhiwen and Liu Haikuan, the costume drama “Mirror Twin Cities” is on the air. The drama is based on the novel of the same name by Cangyue, which tells the story of su Mo, a man-like man, and the crown princess of Empty Mulberry after suffering a sweet love story.At present the plot is more and more wonderful, su Mo and bai Ying’s love road is full of twists and turns and frustrations, two people know destiny from beginning to end however, toward the heart that beam of glimmer to run hard.And the fate of the small role is also a feeling, kenji adult every time appear mysterious, he wearing a hat only show half a face, what is the real identity?Read the original partners may know that Bai Ying’s past life is Bai Wei, as the offspring of bai nationality, she shoulders the mission and responsibility of the future.And sinister person adult’s one’s life experience has hint early however, this line is the answer, he is ambitious star honour emperor, concern with bai Wei empress, there is indissoluble predestined relationship between two people!As the most powerful character in the land of Kenji, the kenji always gives a mysterious feeling, he always only shows half of his face, a piece of words all show high cold.Why kenji adult to help true haze prince it?The reason is not accidental, he was the star emperor, and true haze is his descendants.In the magnificent text of the cangyue, true arashi is stubborn and persistent existence, he is extremely enterprising, eager to be able to reproduce the glory and pride of empty mulberry one day.But the vicissitudes of life are capricious, empty mulberry was immersed in the crisis of long absence, and star honour emperor abandons love for career however, empress of critical hour Bai Wei dies sadly, make heart eternal regret!When true arashi disdain to say, the strongest people in the cloud land is star Honor emperor, kenji adults can no longer help but hate: “Baiwei!Queen Bai Wei!”Bai Wei these two words, can successfully wake up the audience adult past memory, let his soul find peace of mind, from now on do not have to wander.At that time, the star of the emperor high-spirited, young ambition, anxious to let the world remember him, but ignored the most important people around.All the time, Bai Wei empress and star honour emperor is each other’s childhood sweetheart horse, liangxiaomingwuyi years static good, haihuang is in unrequited love with Bai Wei empress.Because the jealousy heart that cannot conceal in the heart, star honour emperor moves to sea emperor, empress of Bai Wei knows hind hind become aware, she wants to revenge, die in hair small at the moment however finally.Although Xing Zundi succeeded in getting everything he wanted and became the first emperor of Kongsang, he lost his precious lover.Bai Wei discovered the base in his bone and selfishness, two people cannot return origin, he often lives in remorseful and chasten, privately regard the saint feather candle of empress of Bai Wei as a substitute.Relative than the brave and resourceful Bai Ying, Bai Wei queen’s experience is obviously more bumpy tragedy, love is important, but character is the bottom line.Star honour emperor regrets not at the beginning, cannot change reality however, his day and night yearning bai Wei empress, however helpless gradually waste, Bai Wei 2 words eventually became the biggest heart knot.Perhaps, Bai Wei and star honour emperor are meaning difficult to level, but bai Ying and Su Mo pursue and target because of common however, ending no sweet without sorrow, in all the way brambles embraced flowers!Dear friends, how do you view Li Yifeng, Chen Yuqi, Zheng Yecheng, Liu Haikuan and other leading TV series “Mirror two Cities”?Welcome to leave a message!Author: Luo Xiaoke, a mother married to Taiwan, writes about everything in Taiwan, obsessed with all kinds of film reviews.Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished.