Financial support to resume work and production Quanzhou, Fujian province, bailed out affected enterprises

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Quanzhou, April 8 (reporter Sun Hong)In the face of the adverse impact of COVID-19, Quanzhou, Fujian province, a “major city of China’s private economy”, has actively alleviated the capital needs of enterprises to resume work and production.”Through a series of policies and measures, we have promoted the city’s banking and insurance institutions to coordinate the epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development of financial services, fully mobilize resources, strengthen credit delivery, and help stabilize the market of Quanzhou’s economy,” said Zhan Qigang, director of quanzhou Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau on August 8.Combined with the characteristics of Quanzhou’s economic development, Quanzhou Banking and Insurance Supervision Sub-bureau optimized the credit structure, promoted the reasonable flow and efficient agglomeration of financial elements, and boosted the resumption of work and production in Quanzhou.Zhan Qigang introduced, on the one hand, focus on the financing needs of key projects, key industries and major fields related to the national economy and people’s livelihood;On the other hand, we will focus on providing financial services to private enterprises, small and micro businesses, agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and implement inclusive financial support measures.In support of “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”, the city’s rural commercial banks and rural credit cooperatives have prepared enough credit funds of 1.65 billion yuan to support spring farming production, and have granted credit of 926 million yuan at present.For part of the market main body affected by the outbreak, the production and business operation difficult circumstances urged Banks to increase extension servicing, reduce cost and benefits policy to carry out the strength, such as the daily credit is good, but affected by the epidemic leads to less income, can be in accordance with the principle of market-oriented, independent consultation to conduct normal renew loans business, do it should continue to continue, can continue fast renewal,Avoid the occurrence industry sex limit loan, take out loan, break loan.According to statistics, since March 13, the city’s banking industry has actively adjusted repayment terms and methods for enterprises and individuals in difficulty, involving loan principal and interest of 10.42 billion yuan.Among them, Quanzhou Bank initiated the policy of “deferment to the full” for small and micro enterprises, and handled deferred repayment for 318 small and micro enterprises, involving 392 million yuan.In terms of insurance protection, Quanzhou Bank insurance Regulatory Branch encourages insurance institutions to reduce fees and offer benefits to insurance companies greatly affected by the epidemic, appropriately postpone premium payment time, give priority to claims settlement of insurance customers infected with COVID-19 or affected by the epidemic, appropriately expand the scope of liability, and ensure that all claims can be made as quickly as possible.Recently, Quanzhou issued several measures on Promoting the Business Model of Batch Guarantee of Rescue loans, guiding banking institutions to use the sixth special quota of fujian Province’s rescue loans for small, medium and micro enterprises to increase production and efficiency, strengthen policy matching, and promote the effectiveness of rescue loans.In addition, through the combination of online and offline, improve the efficiency of financial services.”We encourage banking and insurance institutions to optimize ‘contactless’ financial services, and use fintech to enhance online financing services, so as to solve the problem of ‘being unable to go out and get in’ during the epidemic prevention and control period, so that enterprises can resume work and production,” Zhan told reporters.In terms of emergency financial services, China has responded to the financing needs of epidemic prevention enterprises in the first place and opened a green channel, granting loans worth 1.71 billion yuan to 113 epidemic prevention related enterprises.As for offline financial services, institutions temporarily suspended due to the epidemic are required to resume offline services in a safe and orderly manner on the premise of implementing the epidemic prevention and control requirements, so as to provide stronger financial guarantee for the resumption of work and production.Up to now, 287 outlets temporarily closed due to the epidemic have resumed business in an orderly manner, and the number of normal outlets in the city has reached 650.(after)