Good news: a set of paper certificates for 2021 will be issued soon

2022-06-01 0 By

Good news!Good news!Surprise, surprise, surprise!The paper certificate of 2021 grade I Construction engineer (including the certificate of qualification of the corresponding professional examination of Grade I construction engineer) has been delivered to the certificate issuing organs of all provinces on February 13 and 14, 2022.Kudos to the organizers for getting things done so fast this year, nearly 2 months faster than usual.The examinee friend that had taken an examination of estimates can get a certificate before long, everybody should pay attention to the personnel examination net of good place province.We note that the time and way to get the certificate is not released on the Personnel examination network of China, but on the personnel examination network of each province.Due to the epidemic, it is likely that many provinces and cities do not support face-to-face evidence, and it is highly likely that they have to go by “mail”.The construction engineer of Sun Gong 2020 is sent by mail. Although the human resources examination center of our city is less than 5 minutes’ drive from Sun Gong, we still have to send it by mail. We don’t take it in person.The specific application mails the human resources examination center of each province and city to be able to inform, everybody when the time comes according to the explanation that notices on press step operation can!Wait 2021 of one build mechanical and electrical, 2 build mechanical and electrical paper certificate all got the certificate of Sun Gong together, pat all certificate to insolate at that time ha!Still in the textual research friends envy it, you also work hard, certification will have you next year!Certification to register have to pay close attention to the registration of ao, yesterday shanxi part of the examinee has been able to register, the earlier the earlier the registration of cash, we blunt ah!Certificate issued immediately!