Guess who built China’s first city in Zhengzhou

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Who is the “city master” of Xishan ancient City in Zhengzhou, Henan?There are many points of view.Left marks of screen woven wattle baffle.Xishan ancient city site is located in the central area of the activities of the yellow Emperor regulus. Some scholars believe that Zhengzhou Xishan Ancient City is one of the capital of the Yellow Emperor, or directly called “Yellow Emperor City”.Grassy remains sandwiched between layers.Wei Xingtao, director of the Archaeological Society of China, deputy director of the Special Committee of Neolithic Archaeology, vice president of the Archaeological Society of Henan Province and deputy director of the Institute of Archaeological Relics of Henan Province, said: “Currently, a major view in the academic world is that the Yellow Emperor period corresponds to the middle and late Yangshao Culture.The age of xishan site is exactly the same as that of the Yellow Emperor, so we can’t say that the ‘Yellow Emperor City’ is groundless, but there is no conclusive academic evidence to prove that the xishan site is the yellow Emperor.”Wall plane of northwest corner.Zhang Zhichao, secretary general of Zhang Liang Committee of Henan Surnames Culture Research Association, said, “In ancient times, during the transition from matrilineal society to patrilineal society, the exchequer system gradually developed into the traveling system.Each tribe through the king’s visit to achieve marriage, establish a stable political alliance, maintain legitimacy, have a legitimate right to rule.Gongyi Heluo ancient country is located in Lianshan, history known as god, is the sun of Shennong Lianshan created, each tribe around the capital built acropolis, xishan ancient city is the son of Lianshan 熋 city, 熋 the original meaning is giant turtle, so the city site is round.There are 熋 by Islet turtle, Tihong and Xuanyuan.”Remains of the foundation stone on the west side of the north gate.”Xinzheng city is where the Ancient Yun Bay is located, and Guci Mountain is a place where ancestors are worshipped. ‘There are more jade on it than stones, and more snakes on its bottom, so the people who live there are ð«Š, the tribe of the Mother of the Yellow Emperor xuanyuan, who was born and grew upRegulus yellow Emperor to strengthen centralization, unified China, other family names, marriage, become our cultural ancestor.Zhang Zhichao said, as the birthplace of Chinese civilization, zhengzhou area and surrounding cultural sites city pile city phenomenon is extremely common, there are rich underground treasures waiting for us to discover, I believe that many questions, as well as many contradictions about historical records, will be revealed and confirmed with the progress of archaeological work.(Zheng Newspaper all media reporter Su Yu Qin Hua Wen Li Xinhua picture) Editor: Zhao Jing statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: