Loudi price regulation in 2021 achieved remarkable results

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Loudi News (Correspondent Liu Qixing Liao Yonghua) In 2021, in the face of various risks and challenges, Loudi Development and Reform Commission kept tight all the time to keep the overall price level basically stable, and achieved obvious results in price regulation, reform and supervision.In the provincial price work video conference held on March 18, Loudi achieved remarkable results in information submission and price regulation, and was praised by Hunan Provincial Development and Reform Commission.It is understood that loudi’s annual consumer price Index (CPI) rose by 0.3 percentage points in 2021, meeting the expected regulation target.The municipal government invested 3.9 million yuan to subsidize and reward the prices of major vegetable bases, breeding bases, wholesale markets, pork reserves and other units in the central urban area, arousing the enthusiasm of production and operation enterprises, giving full play to the price control function of the “vegetable Basket” project, and providing an important guarantee for market supply and price stability.The comprehensive reform of agricultural water price was carried out in an all-round way. The total area of water price reform was 266,000 mu, exceeding the assessment task of 153,200 mu issued by the provincial Development and Reform Commission.Completed the central city water resources fee adjustment.Standard baihong University city Poly tianchuang property company and datong property water prices.Actively implement the spirit of notice of Hunan Provincial Development and Reform Commission on Cleaning up and Canceling Unreasonable Charges in Water Supply, Power supply and Gas Supply Industry (Xiangfa Price Adjustment Regulation (2021) No. 124), strictly define the scope of apportion of access project costs, cancel unreasonable charges in water supply, power supply and gas supply, and standardize other kinds of charges.The head of the Price Adjustment Department of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission introduced that in 2022, the domestic and international environment is increasingly complex and severe, the century-old changes and the epidemic are intertwined, and the international inflation is superimposed with the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and the price operation faces severe structural, sudden and imported risks and challenges.According to the national and provincial deployment, the price department should keep tight all the time to keep the overall price level basically stable and do its best to ensure the supply and price stability of important livelihood commodities.Focusing on keeping overall prices basically stable, we will effectively control the prices of important commodities that are important to people’s wellbeing, strengthen price monitoring, analysis and analysis, and implement a price linkage mechanism.Focusing on improving the mechanism whereby prices are mainly determined by the market, we will deepen the reform of water, electricity, gas, public utilities and public services.Focusing on doing a good job in price work in the new era, we will strive to improve our price monitoring and early warning capabilities, the effectiveness of cost supervision, examination and investigation, the quality of price certification, and the level of price control in accordance with the law.Work hard, pioneering and innovative, overcome difficulties, strive to price control, reform, supervision and other work to a new level, with excellent work results to meet the party’s 20th victory.The copyright belongs to the original author, salute the original