The 2022 8th Chinese Poetry Spring Festival Gala in Hong Kong will be held during the Lantern Festival

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At 19:00 on February 15, 2022, the “2022 Eighth Chinese Poetry Spring Festival Gala in Hong Kong”, which is organized by Hong Kong Association for the Promotion of Literature, Hong Kong Youth Reading Association, Hong Kong Federation of Cultural and Art Circles, and China Poetry Organizing Committee, will be held at the “Lantern Festival”.It is reported that as the global finale of the eighth China Poetry Spring Festival Gala 2022, it is planned and directed by Mr. Dai Jun, chairman of Hong Kong Branch.The Spring Festival Gala is composed of 78 wonderful programs, which are divided into three parts: the love of The River, the love of the Children, and the national conditions of the country.The Hong Kong venue responded positively to the theme of the Chinese Poetry Gala to promote the fine traditional Chinese culture and express the love of the country and Hong Kong.At the same time, the organizing committee collected a large number of poems expressing positive energy, positive, national unity and fighting spirit, and expressing the passion for the motherland, Hong Kong and the passion for ice and snow sports!It is also reported that this “Hong Kong Venue Poetry Spring Festival Gala” has been strongly supported by Dr. Choi Lai-sheung (Hong Kong poet), chairman of The Hong Kong Federation of Culture and Art Circles, and Mr. Choi Yiyang, Executive chairman of the Hong Kong Association for the Promotion of Literature. The activity has attracted poets and recitators at home and abroad.Zhang Shijian, Li Yuanrong, Dai Yudong, Chen Liansong, Eva da Mandragore, Qiaoyan, Qi ren, Tang Guoqiang, Lu Qi, Sui Yuan, Liu Xinxing, Liu Luping, Snow Xishi, Tian Yu and other nearly 100 celebrities actively participated.They use their poems and bel Canto to express their love for the motherland and wishes for the Winter Olympics!The eighth China poetry 2022 Spring Festival gala Hong Kong conference organizing committee members introduced: general counsel: Dr Cai Lishuang general planning, the general director: Mr Dai jun party always guidance: Mr QuJinXing total supervision: Cai Yao literary adviser to Mr Yang: ShiZiQing, jp, generation of rain east, sze kam cheung, Li Yuanrong, Zhou Mimi, Luo Guangping, Chen Lian pine, CAI haojing, sand wave, QiaoYan.Executive directors: Sun Bangchun, Zhou Wei.Art Consultants: CAI Peishan, Yu Xiaogao, Bai Man, Wen Rong, Liu Guangcai, Li Hong, Tan Yiguo, Gong Xuemin.Recitation consultants: Tang Guoqiang, Lu Qi, Sui Yuan, Jiaride, Liu Xinxing, Liu Luping.Art Direction: Ding Yunhai, Chu Siqing, Lai Rongchun, Jing Hao, Xiang Yu, Yang Xiaoling.Host: Zhao Zhong, Wang Kaiqin.General coordinator: Wen Weili, Hu Junfang, Shi Yu, Xie Jinhong.Written by Tian YuZhang hao international society for contemporary Chinese prose poetry society, Hong Kong, Hong Kong poetry olive leaf, east poetry in the poetry club, the net generation of rain The Chinese cultural art exchange association, the Hong Kong association of culture and tourism, all literature rainbow rhyme group, xinjiang peace culture art troupe, global Chinese patriotic promotion association, the Hong Kong literature and arts, Hong Kong, Hong Kong in collaboration with the beautiful poetry club, etc.Invited media: People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, China Media Group, Guangming Daily, China News Service, People’s Daily online, Xinhuanet, Sina, Sohu, Toutiao, Cultural travel Live, JingTV mobile channel and other media support.The Chinese Poetry Spring Festival Gala was founded on the eve of the Spring Festival in 2015. It was initiated by Qu Jinxing, the descendant of Qu Yuan, and other planners, and put on record in the State Intellectual Property Office.The Chinese Poetry Spring Festival Gala is jointly organized by the Chinese Poetry Research Center, the Organizing Committee of the Chinese Poetry Spring Festival Gala, the Recitation art Troupe of the Chinese Poetry Research Center, The Chinese Poets Magazine, the Chinese Calligraphy and painting Art Research Office of the Oriental Huaxia Cultural Heritage Protection Center,It has been co-organized by more than 100 poetry, literature and media organizations, such as China Poetry Website, writer website, Culture Wealth website and Renren Literature Website, and undertaken by Beijing Boat Crossing Culture Communication Co., LTD. It has been successfully held for seven times so far.Famous poets and critics zheng Chouyu, Shu Ting, Xi Murong, Zhao Minli, Zeng Fanhua, Zhong Zhenzhen, Lu Shengjiang, Tang Xiaodu, Huang Yazhou, Bei Ta, Sun Xiaoya, Bing Feng and others serve as consultants.The late famous poets Yu Guangzhong and Love served as consultants before his death.Yin Zhiguang, Qu Xianhe, Zhang Junying, Hong Yun, Liu Jihong and other famous artists bloom on the stage.Chinese Poetry Spring Festival Gala domestic venue by the state and provincial, municipal propaganda, culture, tourism and other relevant departments support.The foreign venue of Chinese Poetry Spring Festival Gala, radiating the light of Chinese poetry culture to the world, has been supported by the embassies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China and overseas Chinese.The Canadian Prime Minister has sent congratulatory messages to the Canadian branch of the Chinese Poetry Spring Festival Gala for four consecutive years.Xinhua, qiushi’s dot live media live.People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, Guangming Daily, PLA Daily, China News Service and other hundreds of mainstream media have reported, totaling hundreds of millions of people.The Chinese Poetry Spring Festival Gala has become a brand in the poetry circle of China and even the world.The 2022 Eighth Chinese Poetry Spring Festival Gala is the world’s first large-scale poetry festival with ice and snow poetry as the theme in the background of the Winter Olympics.Affected by the epidemic, most of the nearly 100 conferences around the world are held in the form of “Cloud Poetry”.Contributed by Dai Jun