“Tomorrow weather forecast” Dehong 2022 February 26 weather forecast, light rain to clear, west wind to southwest < level 3

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Dehong February 26th (Saturday) weather forecast, weather phenomenon light rain to clear, wind direction wind: west wind to southwest wind < level 3.The highest temperature is 24 degrees Celsius and the lowest is 9 degrees Celsius.Cold index: easy to occur, day and night temperature difference is large, pay attention to prevent cold.Exercise index: suitable, the weather is good, enjoy the fun of exercise.Allergy index: not easy to hair, in addition to special constitution, do not need to worry about allergy.Dressing index: comfortable, it is recommended to wear long sleeve shirts and trousers.Car wash index: more unfavorable, there is water on the road, the car is easy to splash mud.Uv index: very strong, apply SPF20 or more, PA++ skin care products, avoid strong light.