Zhangjiakou mobile wisdom SMS support industry services to ensure the Winter Olympics

2022-06-01 0 By

Send smart messages, covering transportation, network security, power supply, health and epidemic prevention, security control and other industries…Zhangjiakou Mobile gives full play to the role of intelligent SMS services to fully support all industries to ensure the winter Olympic Games ice and snow pageant.It is understood that Zhangjiakou Mobile actively docking province mobile, using their own good network coverage and cloud MAS platform advantage, to create a “smart message” based information notification system, service including Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics preparation work group and other important customer units.Daily inspection of the CLOUD MAS platform and industry gateway for key items, including information transmission, connectivity, platform status, CDR update, and background data, ensures the smooth operation of the platform and timely delivery of intelligent information.To ensure the games are ice and snow festival, zhangjiakou mobile active docking customer unit, province, city industry for SMS business wisdom tease out 28 key protection, key projects to establish “group, provincial and municipal level 3 joint guarantee mechanism, to carry out the on-site security and remote personnel unattended work, ensure that extreme weather or epidemic prevention and control personnel on duty fast arrive in place,Leaders and related personnel of each support group shall keep 7×24 hours telephone unblocked to quickly solve customer complaints and ensure timely and effective disposal of emergencies.In the next step, Zhangjiakou Mobile will spare no effort to continue to give full play to its network advantages, product innovation and active service capabilities, and do a good job in various ice and snow feast services to escort the smooth progress of the event.Editor: Li Yawen