“Crush” the Tesla 4680?Ningde times Kylin battery is the last hand, or courage

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Tesla’s 4680 battery with higher performance and lower cost was seen as a new battery. Liu Jincheng, chairman of Ev Lithium energy, even praised the 4680 battery with the “ultimate technology direction”. However, this breakthrough was cut by Ningde times before it was put into mass production.At the recent Meeting of 100 Chinese electric vehicles, Ningde Times unveiled a new battery technology — the third-generation CTP technology, which is internally called Kirin Battery.According to Ningde Times, the Kirin battery pack can deliver 13 percent more power than the Tesla 4680 under the same conditions.So is the Kirin battery, which publicly challenged Tesla, really that strong?Density increase is ahead of Tesla?The improvement of battery density mainly depends on the innovation of battery material and system structure.In the past few years, the battery mainly improved the energy density by increasing the content of nickel in the positive electrode. Now the innovation of materials has reached the bottleneck, and there is still a long way to go before the application of new materials. In this case, improving the energy density through the structure of the battery system has become a feasible way.The Kirin battery, based on third-generation CTP technology, does just that.In simple terms, CTP technology is to directly integrate the cell inside the battery into the battery pack, reducing the module link and thus improving the space utilization, thus achieving the purpose of improving the energy density.According to the current schedule of the industry, Tesla is the first to develop CTP technology. In 2016, the battery pack of Tesla Model 3 has realized the reduction of the number of modules, and it was not until 2019 that The CTP platform was launched. Therefore, Tesla has been leading the industry for three years in terms of technology.Today’s Kirin battery, in essence, there is no qualitative change in the process, just the use of self-developed 4680 formula, and optimized after the Kirin battery.But tesla has now expanded to more integrated CTC technology, which, in combination with tesla’s all-in-one die-cast body, reduces vehicle weight by 20% and battery costs per kilowatt-hour by 7%.In general, Tesla has shifted to more advanced technologies, while Ningde Era only optimized the original CPT technology, so it is hard to confirm that Ningde Era will be ahead of Tesla in comprehensive level.Battery density is not the whole story so what can this wave of Kirin batteries from ningde reach?As a general reference, based on the keyboard data, the battery pack energy of Tesla 4680 is about 80.3kWh. Under the same situation, if the kirin battery energy density increases by 13%, the battery energy will be about 90.7kWh.Xiaopeng P5 is currently equipped with 71.4kwh battery and has a range of 600km. If it is replaced by the kirin battery of ningde era, its range can reach 762km.Theory of single cell, the current era of ningde has not announced specific parameters of the battery are kirin, we do not deny that kirin progress of batteries in the battery energy density, but tesla compared 4680 batteries, kirin battery energy density is more focused “meet”, 4680 batteries in a more comprehensive and more balanced in terms of cost, performance, charging efficiency,If the Kirin battery is optimized only in terms of density, it is obviously not enough. By contrast, cost and safety are more relevant to the current needs.From a safety standpoint, cooling can be a challenge for the CPT’s square battery.And now the yield of Tesla 4680 battery has reached 90%. If the yield of Kirin battery is below 80%, its cost will be a big problem without the economy of mass production.At the end of the day, battery technology has started a new round of “roll-in”, and the most effective way to stay competitive is to continue to iterate.It doesn’t really matter if Ningde is ahead of Tesla. Tesla isn’t his main competitor, but other battery makers are.The launch of the Kirin battery gives us a glimpse of what could be a big change in the market once it’s on the road, and raises the prospect of how the kirin battery, due out in April, will address safety and cost concerns.