Jilin three “deceptive” pheasant university, degree such as “waste paper”, examinees and parents to understand

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Degree JiLinSan “confusing” pheasant university, such as “trash”, students and parents to understand is one of the three brothers in northeast China, jilin province is a big province of grain production, is a famous scenic spot of changbai mountain, each year attracts numerous tourists both at home and abroad to come to watch the tianshan fountain, is also the area where the agricultural products and rich wildlife, there are many famous universities of jilin province,However, due to the geographical environment, the slow development of urban economy, and the “dislike” of many examinees, even though there are 62 universities, such as Jilin University, Northeast Normal University, Changchun University of Science and Technology, local examinees still have to apply for the exam because the province does not like them.But what you can’t imagine is that there is also a pheasant university here. As we all know, it is a fake university with no qualifications to run a school. It only serves to benefit the people and harm others and harm oneself.Among them, Beijing has more than 150, most examinee did not think of, because they want to enter oneself for an examination Beijing university, obtain employment opportunity is much, development space is big, Jilin province also has this kind of infamous university, every year someone fails, examinee and parents do not want careless, otherwise regret too late.Four harmful pheasant college in changchun of jilin province industrial school of management, the pheasant university name can be compared to a public undergraduate university, want to rub the ordinary university’s fame, get a graduate school of “management” to confuse, the size of the school is very small, only a few teachers, so you may not see your tutor after graduation.JiLinGao at university of science and technology, the name has a “modern,” a stranger may think it is a newly established university, indeed, in recent years, many new name of “new college” has been set up and began to recruit students, such as the university of the west lake and the university of Chinese Academy of Sciences, these universities are moving closer to the tsinghua university and Peking University.However, the name of the university is based on something, but not the fake university is arbitrary, and I would like to ask many of the student victims what tech field is really “high tech” and the diploma is worth it.Jilin Institute of Science and Technology this school’s name, almost every province has “science and technology” institute, strength is very strong, together “science and technology” looks very advanced, do not know the inside examinee and parents, still fantasizing about graduation can find a high salary decent job, is really careful to give force!In fact, it seems to be a normal pseudo-chicken university, in fact, it is the usual trick of a pheasant university to play with words.This is wasteful and will affect your future. If you are cheated, please call the police immediately to stop the damage and avoid further losses.Jilin foreign trade and economic trade vocational College “foreign economy and trade” four words has been very attractive, popular major, if you can take an examination of, later can go to foreign enterprises, ports and other enterprises and institutions to work, equivalent to the “iron rice bowl”, examinees sharp head also want to enter, pheasant university to seize this point, it is said,Fake universities named in this way are good materials for securing jobs in foreign companies or ports.It is said that the fake university has a building and a library which looks similar, but when you go inside, you will find it has fallen into disrepair and all the so-called gaokao teachers are hired “actors”.There have been many articles and discussions among netizens about provincial pheasant universities, with many netizens asking why they are still banned since they are illegal.Why don’t we just revoke the pheasant university status?Since these fake universities have a formal admissions process and are legally the same as normal private universities, if their status is removed, it will have a major impact on other normal private universities.In other words, pheasant universities are legal to exist, but by charging high tuition and not teaching students, they are wasting four years and tens of thousands of dollars paying for a diploma that is not recognized by society and the state.What are the characteristics of a pheasant university?Characteristics 1: small volume is small, most of the building, at the time of survey, directly in the location, the environment is not good, just put some desks, fall the ash, a lot of fake college, in order to reduce costs, after you call admission, change the way, the first to pay tuition, the school’s bank card, as long as you pay them directly to evaporate.Feature 2: the name is not standard fake college name carefully, found that there are exaggerated, like to use the name of the popular major, or the name of the imitation of normal colleges and universities, patchwork, the query’s official website, admissions information is transferred from other colleges and universities, so there are many ways to identify, students and parents don’t pass judgment on the strength of the subjective consciousness.These are the details we will share with you, but what other pheasant universities do you know of?Feel free to leave your comments in the comments section.