Linxian weaving dense forest protection “fire net” to build a strong forest “safety wall”

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(reporter Liu Hua) in order to effectively do a good job in the spring forest grassland fire prevention work, Linxian weave dense forest fire prevention network, grasp the real grasp fine fire prevention measures, to win the spring forest fire campaign to lay a solid foundation.We will strengthen our sense of responsibility and fulfill our primary responsibilities.It has implemented the ledger management system, improved the four-level grid management and joint prevention and protection system for forest and grassland fire prevention and control, including county leaders covering towns, headquarters members covering towns, town leaders covering villages, and village cadres covering households.Establish an information ledger for the village and responsible person of the mountain and plot, strengthen daily inspection and scheduling, ensure that the mountain is managed, the forest is protected, the post is maintained, and the fire is attacked.We will strengthen prevention and control and handle emergencies well.Meteorological authorities have strengthened weather warnings of high temperature, drought, strong winds and other high fire risks.Forestry departments timely receive, verify, transfer national and provincial satellite monitoring and early warning information;Townships and forest rangers have strengthened patrolling and monitoring to form a three-dimensional, all-weather and high-density monitoring network.According to the monitoring and early warning information, relevant departments of all townships should take timely measures to respond to forest and grassland fire emergencies.Check fire source hidden danger, prevent fire risk.Townships and forest farms will carry out comprehensive and dragnet investigation of forest and grassland fire hazards, so as to check hidden dangers, plug loopholes and catch and control fire hazards at the same time.Check your site add flow, increase patrol inspection frequency, and setting up checkpoints in entrance of key forest road and the scenic area, strictly control the mountains into the crowd, Lin decisive seized all kinds of fire fire, effectively pegged to the “five” (mountains, fields, tomb, the man’s head, source), emphasis on “five” (village, mizoguchi, intersection, bayonet, entrance).Strictly inspect the “five edges” (forest edge, field edge, roadside, village edge).Increase propaganda efforts to create a fire prevention atmosphere.County TV columns, typical example of the front side of publicity in forest fire prevention work, departments, WeChat public via the Internet, mobile vehicle and slogans, banners and other propaganda way, widely publicized wild fire management, safety rules, fire blazes with fire knowledge, etc, to do propaganda education without blind area, no dead Angle.Strict inspection on duty, to ensure that everything is safe.Strictly implement the leadership shift and staff 24 hours on duty system, during the period of high fire risk, the main leaders of the township party and government take turns to lead the shift, strictly prohibit vacant post, off post situation, once found seriously reported accountability.We will strictly implement the information reporting system for forest and grassland fires, carry out initial fire fighting and rescue work as soon as possible, and resolutely prevent under-reporting and concealing fire situations.Continuous supervision and inspection, the implementation of accountability.We will intensify investigation and punishment of fire cases, resolutely crack down on illegal use of fire in the wild, severely punish those who cause fires, and investigate and prosecute those responsible in accordance with laws and regulations.Organize the establishment of inspection group, regular, irregular township, relevant departments of forest grassland fire prevention and control work of hidden dangers self-inspection, problem rectification, team construction, on duty value and other situations of supervision and inspection, timely find and solve problems, promote the county spring forest grassland fire prevention and control work more solid and in-depth.Luliang Daily statement: reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: