Look at her new house, the whole house decoration is simple and comfortable, very suitable for young people want to home

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To our youth, more like a kind of simpler and more comfortable decoration at the same time, the life is in such a home, feel very happy.Decoration is not invariable, for a lot of friends who do not understand decoration, you can use some experience and effect of others for reference, step by step to install the home slowly.Has not been decorated or is planning to decorate friends, if you do not understand the decoration, you can learn from the owner of her new house, the whole house of the whole space decoration is very simple, but the local ceiling is an indispensable part.To the life of fast rhythm now, like such home more.The whole house clean, not ready to decorate the furniture is already very beautiful, really special people envy, look like.Below, take you to have a look, also hope to bring you good decoration inspiration!Originally pig liver red door, changed gray, with whole space better match rise.At the same time, the effect is more beautiful.There are window decorations on the door, which say “live happily and live happily”, meaning something.At the same time, the installation of intelligent fingerprint lock, unlock more ways, more intelligent!Have independent door small porch, customized a smaller shoe ark, nevertheless the most empty position, can put the shoes that a few often wear, make shoes more neatly put.When the time comes, if there is a need, you can install some hooks on the wall, etc., can be convenient to hang bags or clothes, or pretty good ha.The door that enter a door is wrapped a white is covered, appear very clean, the effect is more beautiful, have class more.The restaurant space is only a palm of space, decorated with a very high level of appearance of the network red rock plate quality, the size of the space taken up the appropriate position.In fact, whether it is placed horizontally or vertically, it has no effect.The SLATE material is actually very resistant to dirt.Adornment painting is hanging on sofa wall, can have certain adornment effect, won’t appear drab.Just check-in, the family sitting in such a restaurant, feel very happy.After dinner, dessert, life is so happy.Sitting room and balcony did not choose to get through, do not affect use.On the left is a sofa table and on the right is the TV area, but the TV wall is not shaped at all.Generally speaking, TV wall does not make the word of modelling, hang the TV directly on the wall, the effect can be more perfect, more TV ark saves a few Spaces.The tea table that decorates in the middle is combinative type, become two, two become one.Installed brass chandelier of Wanghong style, very beautiful, I love it!The tea table of tie-in sofa is harmonious and unified, gray sofa is sitting very comfortable.The adornment picture on sofa wall also is house advocate oneself buy online, hang on the wall, can have very good adornment effect.With two different colors of the small stool, relatives and friends to the home, when the need can be used, without any impact.There is little room in the bedroom, with a king-size bed and bespoke wardrobe leaving little room.Nevertheless, the setting wall of the head of a bed chose pink, form distinction with other metope, the effect is richer, won’t appear drab.The floor lamp is arranged beside the head of a bed, the style of net red money, the effect that opens lamplight in the evening is particularly beautiful.Did not install the ceiling, but still made the curtain box, the details are very good.The color that another room head of a bed background wall brushes is different from other metope color, won’t let a person feel drab.Custom closet directly to the top, no waste of space, or more practical ha.The cabinets are made to order, and the workmanship and quality are not bad.Plus room door selection white, especially clean!Child room decorated a piece of single bed, considering a space, very practical condole ark was installed on the wall, can use the space the most appropriately change, really pretty good.Such design, can increase pretty good store content space, more won’t give a person depressive feeling!They just moved in soon, the whole indoor space is clean, neat, the whole room the whole space decoration is simple and comfortable, it is our young people want home.Here, I hope you can like, but also wish the owner of the family life more and more happiness!Photo source owner: Miao Er