Scalpers selling cet places?Official response

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According to the People’s Daily online “leadership message board” on March 25, in response to netizens’ messages about “bengbu College cet-4 and CET-6 registration quota was snatched up one minute before registration began, and many students had to spend hundreds of thousands of yuan to buy the exam quota through scalpers on campus”, the Inspection and assessment Office of Bengbu Municipal Committee of Anhui province said on March 25,The “point-to-point” precise transfer of exam places cannot be realized, and students involved in the reselling of exam places will be punished for disciplinary violations once the investigation is confirmed.At the same time, bengbu College has restricted the registration of candidates who have reached the qualified line to expand the coverage of cet-4.On March 20, a netizen left a message on People’s Daily online to the party secretary of Bengbu, saying that the registration quota of cet-4 and CET-6 in Bengbu College was taken away one minute before the registration started, and many students who needed to take the exam could not register normally. They had to spend hundreds of thousands of yuan on scalpers to take the exam.How many students does Bengbu College enroll every year?How many seats are available for CET4 each year?Is it illegal to resell exam places?If there are not enough places, how to meet the needs of students for CET4?The Inspection and Assessment Office of Bengbu Municipal Party Committee replied on March 25th that the Municipal Party Committee attaches great importance to the message you left to the Secretary of The Municipal Party Committee on, which reflects the problem of CET4 exam quota of Bengbu College. We will deal with it seriously. Now we reply as follows:It is understood that the registration system of cet-4 and CET-6 belongs to the management of the Ministry of Education Examination Center, and all colleges and universities (college English Cet-4 and CET-6 examination sites) use the platform to complete the registration of this test site under the management and guidance of the Ministry of Education Examination Center.The working process is as follows: ① The Ministry of Education Examination Center has issued a document notice on the registration of CET-4 and CET-6.② According to the requirements of the notice, colleges and universities should import the student status information of eligible students into the registration system, complete the maximum test capacity (i.e., registration quota) and test venue arrangement of the school.③ The school issued a notice to inform the start time of registration.④ Students who meet the registration conditions shall log in to the examination registration system after the registration begins, register and pay the fee.Seats will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis until the maximum number of seats is filled.The successful applicants shall complete the online payment process within 24 hours after the registration is completed.(5) has been successfully but did not pay on time registration registration information, the Ministry of Education test center registration system will be in 24 hours to delete, vacated the exam places will accept other registration successful students continue to sign up, according to the principle of first to first served until successful registration fee and complete the number of students reached the maximum number of test capacity schools so far, the end of the test registration.In summary, from the registration workflow, first of all, in the whole registration process, once the students successfully registered, the system will lock the registered students’ status information, put an end to the registration information at will;Secondly, the system will still provide all students who have not signed up for the exam on a first-come-first-served basis, so the “point-to-point” precise transfer of exam places cannot be realized at all.After receiving the response, the school has issued a written statement in time to remind students that they should be vigilant and should not easily believe the transfer promise of “scalpers”, so as to avoid being deceived.Students who participate in the reselling of exam places will be punished according to the Disciplinary Measures of Bengbu College Students.In recent years, Bengbu College enrolls an average of about 4000-5000 undergraduates every year. The NATIONAL College English Test Band 4 is organized twice a year, with 4500 applicants for each test (150 standard examination rooms). There are a total of 9000 APPLICANTS for CET4 each year, which is quite sufficient.However, with the continuous expansion of school enrollment scale and the increasing demand of students and parents for CET-4 and CET-6, the overall passing rate of CET-4 is not high, and the pressure of examination organization is increasingly prominent.At present, the university has been actively planning and implementing the construction of teaching resources such as classrooms and excavating the existing examination room resources to the maximum extent. Meanwhile, it has also actively taken some corresponding measures, such as implementing the graded and classified teaching of College English and setting up college English Test band 4 tutoring for public elective courses to improve the passing rate of Cet-4.For students who register successfully but do not take the exam without any reason, the next exam registration qualification is limited to reduce the exam absence rate;To already reached the examinee of qualified line limit sign up, in order to enlarge the coverage of four level examination, strive to meet the test demand of the student to the greatest extent.The school will continue to follow the “student-oriented” principle, continue to pay attention to and gradually improve the difficulties in applying for CET-4 and CET-6, and respond to the demands and expectations of the majority of students.In addition, the school plans to submit the following suggestions to relevant authorities in due course:The epidemic prevention and control of the situation comprehensively improve in the future, suggested that the Ministry of Education let students cannot enter oneself for an examination the school of hard limit, add a enter oneself for an examination rounds, allowed within the same city with rich enter oneself for an examination the colleges and universities of quota, accept other college students to enter oneself for an examination in the same market, to balance between the universities and colleges in the same city examination room allocation of resources, maximum limit satisfy the examinee enter oneself for an examination requirements.Source: (reporter Lv Xinwen)