Spell out dignity spell out the future!This is what Chinese football should look like!

2022-06-02 0 By

Came back!Dead!China’s women’s football team has won the Asian Cup for the first time in 16 years.After the match, countless fans burst into tears, Shouting “This is what football should be like” and “You can always trust the Chinese women’s football team”…As is known to all, against the background of the great development of women’s football in the world, Chinese women’s football team is making a hard “second venture” in recent years.As a result, the Chinese women’s football team was not expected to compete in the Asian Cup this time, and did not get much attention.But the women’s football girls with a cavity guyong desperate battle, even against Japan, South Korea and other powerful teams, with a struggle again and again, a victory after victory, win back the respect, won the glory!”Sonorous rose” amazing bloom, to be in the winter of Chinese football and injected hope.Why does Chinese women’s football team play?Why do we believe in Chinese women’s football?Two key words can be read from their games.First, solid work.This is one of the most distinctive labels on Chinese women’s soccer coach Shui Qingxia.She has been playing soccer for a long time, and is said to have nothing but soccer.Off – court pragmatic, not impetuous, transferred to the field is calm, composed.From the point of view of the competition, the women’s football team can win a key is shui Qingxia’s strategy.Two goals down in desperation, she did not panic, timely tactical adjustments can be seen immediately, a miracle effect.The second is hard work.Objectively speaking, in the face of Japan, South Korea these strong teams, is still at a low point of Chinese women’s football is not dominant.But the girls of the women’s soccer team showed a stubborn stubbornness to stick to the end and never give up.In the war against Japan, in the absence of the number one star Wang Shuang, the women’s football team twice fell behind twice to draw;Against South Korea, it achieved a miraculous comeback from 2-0 down.What do miracles come from?From Wang Shanshan bravely snatch points, from Wang Frost endure foot injury limping running, from Wang Xiaoxue in front of the body block, everyone does not give ground, every ball will fight, just have sonorous rose amazing bloom!In the words of Shui Qingxia: “Sonorous rose spirit has always been there, I have been emphasizing with them to have the courage and determination to fight to the end, to defeat themselves and opponents.””In 2002, Japan’s performance at the World Cup inspired me to dream of representing myself at the World Cup,” Masayya Yoshida, the captain of Japan’s national team, told his teammates before a preliminary match.Now it falls on us to reach the World Cup and inspire kids today to do the same.”Today, The Chinese women’s football team “rises up in depression and becomes stronger through suffering”, which demonstrates that the more setbacks, the more brilliant the team becomes. It will also inspire more people to come after it.Returning to the top of Asia, for our Chinese women’s football team, this is a new beginning, but also a symbol of success set sail.Have the spirit of hard work, have the courage to fight, the road ahead makes people infinite look forward to.