Seizure of diesel about 6 tons | guangxi nanning to carry out the rectification of refined oil market joint law enforcement action

2022-06-03 0 By

Recently, Nanning City of Guangxi province organized a joint law enforcement action for the special rectification of the refined oil market. Led by nanning Market Supervision Bureau, the joint law enforcement team composed of commerce, public security, emergency management, transportation, natural resources, ecological environment, housing and construction, fire fighting and other departments,Raids were carried out on illegal storage and operation of refined oil products in nanning city.At the scene, law enforcement officers found 2 business units (points) suspected of operating unqualified diesel without licenses, and seized about 6 tons of diesel on the spot.According to the market supervision department to find out the row clues, nanning city part of the urban area of the illegal operation of refined oil phenomenon.In the morning of the same day, the joint law enforcement team organized law enforcement officers rushed to liangqing District near yinhai Avenue 2 illegal diesel operating units (point).At the scene, the joint law enforcement team in accordance with the division of functions of various departments quickly launched law enforcement work, inspection of enterprise licenses, production of on-site records, extraction of oil imports and sales vouchers.After checking, 2 business units (point) are suspected of illegal behavior such as operating without license and selling unqualified oil products respectively.According to the Relevant provisions of the Product Quality Law, law enforcement officers sealed up about 6 tons of diesel oil suspected of selling with product quality problems, and sent samples of the oil products involved for inspection.Nanning market supervision bureau chief engineer randy said, the next step, market regulators will jointly with the relevant departments of the joint law enforcement operations continued, supervise the implementation of territorial supervision responsibility, establish a sound long-term mechanism to crack down on disposal of illegal business behavior of refined petroleum products, to further strengthen the city’s supervision and management of the refined oil market, regulating the behavior of refined oil products business,Crack down on illegal operation of refined oil products, investigate and punish them together, and maintain the normal operation order of the refined oil market in the city.(Tian Wei and He Zhengjun)