Will Macron visit Russia to mediate russia-Ukraine relations as the French presidential election approaches

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Welcome to Chengwei International Watch.The situation in Ukraine is getting more and more troublesome today. What is the status of the US side?On the one hand, the United States pulled together with Britain and several other countries to evacuate their embassy staff, and reminded their citizens to evacuate. Why do they want to evacuate? To show you that this place is going to be a war, my own people I have to protect, I told them to withdraw.On the other hand, the United States has deployed thousands of American soldiers to Poland and Romania. Why tell everyone that there is going to be a war there?I have American soldiers coming to protect the common people of Europe. How hard do you think the United States is doing? My troops are coming here, but I don’t want to come into Ukraine.That’s not my goal my goal is to muddy the waters without wasting too much power.Under such a state, Ukraine, much to their annoyance, when you look at the United States initially said well to help me, now the United States do this is to me to push into the pit of fire, just the fear of the battle not to fight in the United States, so in this state, is it possible that the situation in Ukraine becomes much worse?After all, the Wind is blowing in Russia. Russia made it very clear, I don’t want to fight Ukraine now, I just want a security guarantee, but the United States won’t give a security guarantee. You won’t give a security guarantee.If I don’t, right?All of my previous advice has been rendered useless. Is my Russian deterrent too weak?European countries cannot sit still at this critical moment. As we have analyzed before, the chaos in Ukraine is not good for Ukraine and Russia, but is it good for European countries?They were literally tied to the American chariot.At this critical moment, European countries need to take some actions, so recently the leaders of France, Germany and The UK have visited Putin in Russia to discuss with him whether it is possible to solve this problem peacefully.In particular, French President Emmanuel Macron literally went to the trouble of traveling first to Russia and then to Ukraine to mediate the situation.Despite meeting with Putin at a very long table because of the pandemic, For Macron, the visit was more or less fruitful.Macron told the outside world that Putin promised that he would not fight Ukraine and that the issue would be resolved peacefully without force.And then Macron immediately went to Ukraine to meet with Zelensky and try to de-escalate the situation there.We have said in the past that although Europe and the US are Allies, they are not monolithic. France, in particular, has a strong sense of independence.For Mr Macron, if he can mediate in Ukraine, this could be a multi-pronged move.The relationship between France and the United States was not very good during the Trump era. Therefore, many European leaders led by Macron were very happy when Biden came to power. Macron even shouted that the United States was back and the United States had become good friends with Europe again.Macron himself did not realize that Biden had done worse than Trump.Family in France had good talk to Australia a few years earlier, a submarine to trade, the total value of $780 billion, for France, the money that’s lifeline, the French military were think it over, say us aircraft carriers is a little problem, the money, I’ll take money to repair my this aircraft carrier, but who would have thought the deal was hu by the United States?And the US says to Australia, I heard you’re buying submarines, don’t buy them from France.The French one is a conventionally powered submarine, I sell you a nuclear submarine, and I can transfer some nuclear technology to you for a low price.Australia, of course, is willing to buy better goods for the same money, but France’s efforts in recent years have all been in vain.The French were furious. You said if It was Russia that stole the French order, everyone would understand. After all, they are opposing countries, but isn’t the United States an ally?Isn’t it Big Brother?Is that all your big brother needs to steal his little brother’s money?And in the face of bandits like the United States, France has little ability to respond, so it can only break teeth and swallow blood.At that time, many people in France quit, clamoring for withdrawing from NATO and not staying with the United States in the future, but you are not strong enough, you can not carry the United States.So this is the starting point for France to go against the United States at every opportunity, and now the United States is not behind the fire, to make the situation in Ukraine even more complicated?I would simply say that European affairs should be resolved by the Europeans themselves, following the Normandy model. Why?Germany, France, Ukraine and Russia, the four countries concerned, should sit down and talk, but the United States should leave it alone.And for Mr Macron, mediating in Ukraine has an even more important role to play, one that concerns his presidency.This is also an election year in France. Five years ago, Emmanuel Macron was elected as a surprise president. He was still in his late 40s, which is quite young, and his record over the past five years has been neither bad nor good.So in the coming presidential election, competition is very fierce, what is left of the right in the middle, so many people for marolon can win re-election, dry for another five years, I’m afraid that it is very difficult, want to know what the past a few French presidents like Mr Sarkozy, Mr Hollande is just to do the next step.Mr Macron, still in his 40s, is a plausible candidate for many consecutive terms as President of France. But the key is to see if he can deliver, and it is clear that a successful intervention in Ukraine to avert a catastrophe would boost his popularity.And Macron doesn’t just want to be president of France. He wants to be at the heart of the European Union.To know in the past ten years, the eu has always been a core, the German chancellor, Angela merkel, on the one hand, this is because Germany is Europe’s most powerful economies, on the other hand also because has more than ten years’ experience in the German chancellor, Angela merkel, and Angela merkel has retired today, Britain has to take off the Europe, France also happens to be the eu’s rotating presidency this year,So many Europeans are pinning their hopes on Macron to become the real leader of the European Union, not just for France, but for a new direction for the BLOC.Macron certainly does not want to see a war in Ukraine, which would ruin the economic future of the entire EU.So if the situation in Ukraine can be stabilized, on the one hand, there will be no war and peace, on the other hand, the American conspiracy will be bankrupt, and more importantly, it will pave the way for Macron’s re-election.