After six years of waiting, Wen Jing and Xiao Yao finally returned home happily

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Xiao Yao ‘er and Wen Jing have been married for six years, because they are struggling in other places and caught up with the epidemic in these two years.This year is not easy to take advantage of the gap, two people save the holiday, all used to go home for the New Year.During the first two days, one man went shopping in the street.One is responsible for cleaning up her own little house.4. Then, Xiao Yao packed the bags into the car, and the two of them drove. Two days later, they finally arrived at their quiet home.As soon as I got off, seven aunts and eight aunts surrounded me.Happy and quiet mom and dad can’t speak fluently.Introduce a circle of relatives.This one’s gonna hug Wenjing. That one’s gonna hug.Especially quiet mom, hug girl, don’t want to let go.His father-in-law’s eyes were sharp. He pulled him into the room and said, “We’re both going to drink until we get drunk.Quick don’t stand in the yard, all hurry into the house, sit on the warm kang Lao what can.”Quiet mother, this time like a dream.”Everybody hurry inside, his aunt, his aunt, hurry into the kitchen and put food on the table.We sit on the heated kang, and chatter while eating…”Gentle and quiet old aunt clapped hands, not how, sister-in-law, this I love to hear.Oh mother ah, this small quiet can be regarded as a visit, your mother can look forward to six years…Wenjing, who was crowded with people, had already entered the door.All of a sudden, I thought of all the gifts I bought for my mom and dad in the car, as well as the small gifts of my aunt and aunt.”Xiao Yao, you hurry to take out the gifts from our trunk…”At this moment, the little demon, who had been pinned down on the kang by his father-in-law, jumped to the ground at once.He said yes and ran out in his slippers.And the people into the inside of a full of: “Oh, darling, you don’t say, I just happy, forgot…”Good guy, the crowd rushed to the car in the yard again.Suddenly, everyone had presents in their hands.A place to eat, drink and wear.Boy, the yard is exploding.Oh mama ah, this is a famous wine ah, have been on CCTV, this time your father-in-law can be happy.Look at the coat the girl has bought you.Auntie, you must look younger in this sweater…Oh, his mother, you look good with that hat on.Those Beijing cloth shoes are good for our age group.That Cantonese cake is nice and delicious.Wow, this sugar but did not buy less ah, all kinds of ah!Oh, my god, you’ve got a rich girl and a good uncle.Look at you old couple. Beautiful.Aren’t you beautiful?Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!A crowd of people, loud laughter.The courtyard is full of the joy of return and reunion, and the air is filled with peace and warmth of sweetness.